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4 Ever Best Friends Dolls

4 Ever Best Friends Dolls for Sale. MGA 4ever Best Friends Doll and Party Playhouse.

4 Ever Best Friends Dolls

4 Ever Best Friends Dolls found here and they are beautiful with stenciled eyes and lovely hair. These dolls will help teach your kids about sharing and friendship.

These sweet dolls were produced by MGA Entertainment (Bratz) from 2004-2005. The 2004 version sold two dolls in a heart shaped box.

Dolls included Noelle, Callista, Brianne, Sana, Dianthe and Akire. Dolls produced in 2004 had twistable wrists and legs that turned to the side when placed in a sitting position, long hair and each and each doll is unique with different eye colors, hair and skin.

Check out these 4 Ever Best Friends Dolls

4 Ever Best Friends Dolls

4 Ever Best Friends Party Playhouse


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These beautiful dolls have pretty stenciled eyes and have hair that is rooted. They are made from vinyl and are usually about nine and one half inches tall.

The slogan for these friendly dress up gals: "Everything is twice as fun with a best friend."

The brand also included fashion packs, cars, music stage, dishes, doll furniture, doll clothes and a house. Those produced in 2005 were sold four to a box and no longer had the articulated wrists, but they had more movable shoulders and could sit in a more lady-like position. They also had shorter hair and more glittery eye shadow.

Best Friends are a collectible fashion doll with hot fashion and trendy accessories that represent the best friend theme with the ability to lock hands in friendship.

4-EVER BEST FRIENDS were recommended for girl's ages 4 to 7 however these charming dolls and their accessories are now highly collectible among all ages.

The 4 Ever Best Friends dolls also came paired in two in a charming heart-shaped box that also served as a display/carrying case. Two charm bracelets and fun accessories were included for hours of imaginative play.

These dolls won an award in 2004 for "Dr. Toy Best Ten" category and is a great gift for girls age four and upward. The dolls have great fashions and teach values such as how to share and how to be a friend.

On this page you should be able to find the dolls you are looking for.

The first six dolls that were sold had long hair and were a lighter in weight than later dolls. They also didnít have arms that were as moveable as the later models.

Then in 2005 MGA came out with 5 short haired versions of the long with the exception of the Sana doll. They weighed one ounce more and sat with legs together, arms moved in more positions and they had eye glitter.

My friend introduced me to these sweet faced dolls and since then I have been hooked! I have recently acquired all the dolls and am in pursuit of the doll house and outfits.

Below are some pictures of some of my own dolls.

4 Ever Best Friends Dolls

4Ever Best Friends Dolls

MGA 4 Ever Best Friends Dolls

4 Ever Best Friends Party Playhouse

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