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Airstream Travel Trailers for Sale, Information

Airstream Travel Trailers used for Sale. Airstream Camper Information and Manuals.
Airstream Motor Home for all years. Airstream RV History. Classic and Vintage
Air streams. Bambi, Westfalia, Caravan, Safari and much more.

Airstream Travel Trailers used for Sale Airstream Dream Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

Have you ever dreamed of owning an Airstream travel trailer and taking a long vacation? Or maybe living in one and traveling around the country. Another possibility is to buy some property out in the country and after putting in your utilities, place your Airstream on it. This would be a lot cheaper than buying a regular house with acreage.

Airstream is the oldest in the camper industry. It began in the 1930's from designs mostly made by Hawley Bowlus, the chief designer of Charles Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis." The Airstream looks a little like an aircraft with its rounded aluminum trailers sailing down the highway.

Classic and Vintage Air streams. Bambi, Westfalia, Caravan, Safari and much more. Airstream: The History of the Land Yacht

Wally Byam started building trailers in his backyard during the 1920's and published a paper selling kits to customers wanting to build their own trailers. Eventually he bought the failing Bowlus company and built the first Airstream "Clipper." This was the first of the familiar rounded aluminum Airstream we see today. Airstream was popular enough to survive the Depression while other RV companies sunk.

Now the Airstream Company is still going strong. There is now a Airstreamers club who take these silver campers all over the country. In 2006 the Skydeck Airstream was built with stairs leading up to a deck on the roof. What fun it would be to have your own deck on top of your home. You won't be afraid of what might come out of the dark while sitting up so high.

Here you will find many antique, vintage and modern ones for sale. Also books and parts for them. Camper Information and Manuals. Motor Home for all years. RV History. Classic and Vintage Air streams. Bambi, Westfalia, Caravan, Safari and much more.

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Airstream Travel Trailers for Sale

Airstream Travel Trailers

Airstream Bambi

Vintage Airstream Trailers


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The Airstream travel trailer is a luxury model of the travel trailer. They were first produced in the 1930's in Ohio USA. Its shiny aluminum bodies are instantly recognized as the Airstream trailer as they sail down the road.

The person who came up with the idea of building these trailers was Wally Byram who built the first one in his backyard in the 1920's. Wally sold "how to" kits on making your own travel trailers. In 1936 Wally came out with his first Airstream the "Clipper." This launched his Airstream company.

In 1952 the Airstream Company was moved to Ohio and the first class A Airstream motorhome the "Argosy" was made in 1979. Since then they have continued to be popular through today.

Now there are the Airstreamers who are Airstream enthusiasts that band together in clubs and tour the United States together. There are entire RV Airstream-only parks made just for these nice trailers. One Airstream trailer became famous because it was used for the crewman of Apollo 11 who were quarantined in an airtight Airstream after their return from the moon in 1969.

On this page you will find them for sale. Air stream, Skydeck, Caravel, trailer, Bambi, vintage Airstreams, motorhome, toy hauler, motorhomes, RV, camper and much more.

One of the things that would be fun to do is to live in your own camper. You could make a living from Squidoo and other Internet things and just live on the road. We would stay in one place for at least a month and explore the area. In the summer head up north and south in the winter.

My daydream is to live in a camper. Our home is labor intensive with more than two acres of grass to be mowed, trees trimmed around and then the repairs on the house. With most of our income being generated by the Internet there is nothing stopping us from selling our home and investing in a home on the road.

The plan would be to get something that we, my wife and I, could live in comfortably while traveling from place to place. We would head south in the winter and north in the summer seeing family along the way. Our stops would be at least two weeks in length because most camping areas don't let you stay longer. Also we don't want to have to set up and tear down camp to often. Another place to look into would be RV parks. There we could stay for a longer periods of time. Maybe the places we stopped at would be a combination of the two.

This would be a fun life but life is useless if we don't do some type of ministry for others so we would continue our prison pen pal program where we do Bible studies through the mail with around 30 students. We would pay a friend to get our mail and send it to the closest post office to us wherever we were at the time. Also we mail out certificates, book and other materials to our students.

We would need to have our own satellite Internet connection with acomputer and printer in good working order to keep up with the business and ministry.

It sounds fun to do this. However there would be some downsides. We may get tired of traveling and always having to set up and break down camp. And when this happens we will choose the best place to live and buy some land where we can park our camper permanently.

So next time you get the yearning to go off and escape from the daily rat race think about this idea of living on the road. There are some dangers as stories come out of folks being robbed of their campers at rest stops or even being kidnapped and sometimes killed along the way. It might be wise to have something that isn't really pretty but is really nice inside. This way you would appear poor and robbers would not be attracted to you.

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