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Avon Collectibles

Avon Collectibles Bud Hastin's Avon Collector's Encyclopedia: - Avon Collectibles Prices and Values are included.

Avon first started as a perfume company and changed to the Avon we know today in 1932. Because Avon has always sold high quality products with cute and unique bottles, collectors have wanted to keep the best of them. Now many of the Avon collectibles are worth quit a bit today and is a big plus to any antique collection.

Avon has enabled many women (men too) to become financially independent. One temptation for the seller of Avon products is the appeal of the products and buying to many and eating up their profits. The Avon seller has to be self-disciplined and spend 40 hours a week selling to become financially independent. There is a lot of walking door to door so mobile home parks is a great place to sell. The upside to all the walking is that you can get your needed daily exercise at the same time.

Now Avon products can be found in many countries around the world enabling men and women to have their own businesses. Even Chine started in 2006.

One downside is the jewelry products. Many Christians feel uncomfortable selling the jewelry and want to focus on the perfume and lotions. A potential sales person would have to check with Avon to see it they can focus on selling some products and not on others. This page has the Avon Collectibles like perfume bottles and such. No Jewelry except pins. ...

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I spent several months being an Avon Lady and for the most part enjoyed the work. My best places to sell were mobile home parks. The reasons were that the homes were close together and make it easier to get to each house in a reasonable amount of time. My biggest downfall was that I was my best customer. Avon gave us good deals to buy and turn our earnings into merchandise, which wasn't good for making money.
However some can turn this into a good business and make a living from it if they go out most everyday and don't buy their own goods.

On this page you will find Avon Collectibles for sale including values, prices, full perfume bottles, Avon pricing and identification book, doll, cars, duck, Betsy Ross, bird eggs, Christmas tree pins, price guide, Avon Collectables, bottle and more.

1932 was the year Avon became the company we know it today. It started out as a perfume company and then changed the way it sold stuff. By sharing the revenue with others and letting many women and some men start their own business enabled it to became great.

Many of the bottles for perfume and cosmetics were made with such appealing designs that they are collectorís items today. You can find cars, teddy bears and many other cute shapes that have a lot of appeal. These made them easier to sell and after the insides were used up it was hard to throw away the bottle. Instead they were kept and added to a collection.

This photo here shows an old ad that appeared in the July 1957 issue of the Ladies Home Journal. Too see the entire thing click on the link and take a look. The people back then sure look different with their hairstyles and type of clothing. Notice all the vintage Avon perfume bottles. These have average designs but are still nice.

The vehicle bottles are quite popular and folks love to add them to their collection. The design is quite ingenious with making the bottle cap be part of the car or truck. Notice that the cap is the trunk or back end of the vehicle.

My wife sold Avon for a while but didn't make a lot of money because she was her best customer. The seller gets a cut on the price and that is hard to resist. She discovered that the best place to sell these products was mobile home parks or apartments where the homes are close together and not such a long walk.

Another problem she had was feeling uncountable selling jewelry. Being a Christian she felt that we should not be wearing that stuff so if this is problem for you be sure to check and see if you can limit your products only to what you are comfortable with.

The photo here shows a vintage or antique Abe Lincoln Avon perfume bottle. A ruler is placed in front so you can get a good idea of the size.

Many other countries are letting their people sell Avon. Even China has allowed it since 2006. This gives many people an income if they want to work hard. Eight hours a day have to be devoted to the work, rain or shine. Afternoons and evenings are the best time to catch people at home and you can go over the same area every three months or so and gain loyal customers.

You also need to be outgoing but be aware of danger. Going alone while carrying money might invite trouble. It could help to hire neighbor kids to tag along with you if you are alone and feel nervous. Of course you have to hire them with candy bars or something similar so you donít eat up all your profits.

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