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Black Porcelain Dolls

Black Porcelain Dolls Angel Collectible Doll Kya By Collections

Black Porcelain Dolls for Sale. Dolls made from porcelain increase the beauty of any doll. The unglazed porcelain adds a glow to the face and gives a realistic look to the features.

Most of the time the type of porcelain used for these dolls is Bisque, which is white and unglazed. The doll is then painted to give it the face and look of a living person.

Most Porcelain dolls have a body made from some other material like cloth, sawdust or whatever can be used to make the body realistic.

By the 1900's the demand for black dolls got so high that manufactures realized that they were losing revenue by neglecting this market. It wasn't just the African American kids that wanted them, these dolls are loved by all races and can add quality to any collection.

Antique and vintage porcelain dolls can be worth a bit of money with the most expensive one going for $200,000. However they can be found for around $5.00 in your local thrift shop for the ones made in China. But be on the lookout, sometimes thrift shops don't realize the value of the doll they are selling. Sharp buyers can sometimes pick up quite a bargain for their collection.

On this page you will find beautiful black porcelain dolls for sale plus special ones for your collection. Collectable Porcelain dolls and more.

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Black Porcelain Dolls are beautiful and would enhance any collection. This doll in the photo looks so real that you wouldn't be surprised if it spoke. Using unglazed porcelain causes this realistic look. The type used is usually Bisque. Bisque starts out white and unglazed and has to be painted by a skilled artist. The resulting face looks very real and the finished product can go for hundreds of dollars.

Usually just the face and hands and feet and some times the legs are made from porcelain while the rest of the body that is covered and canít be seen anyway may be made from different materials like cloth or even sawdust.

This doll looks like she is out shopping. Notice the store background and her purse. The hair looks like real and this doll is made really well.

In the early 1900's the demand for black dolls rose, as little girls of all colors wanted something different then the average white doll.

These dolls can be worth a lot and sometimes go as high as two hundred thousand for the most expensive.

Find the doll you have been watching for and either add it to your collection or give it as a gift.

The dolls above are not porcelain but I liked the photo that showed the variety in colors for dolls. I have a friend who had one of these dolls. It had three faces so you could change the expression from happy, sleeping to crying. It had a bonnet on so that the other two faces would be hidden. You couldn't tell that there were other faces hidden under the bonnet.

A funny thing happened to this doll. My friend came home one day and found it broken. Apparently a work person came in her apartment to fix the furnace. He must have accidentally dropped it. Maybe he was curious about it or something.

My friend never reported it or complained so I suspect that workman probably spent some time worried that he would get into trouble over this. If he had been honest he would have left a note telling my friend to call him and tell him the cost so he could replace it.

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