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Butterfly Drawings & Stencils

Butterfly Drawings and Stencils. Here you will find all your supplies to make Butterflys,
Butterflies Drawings and Stencils. Butterfly Drawing and Stencil.

Butterfly Drawings and Stencils. Butterflies - Drawing by Cindy Farmer

Here you will find Butterfly Drawings and Stencils. A butterfly stencil is a template used to draw or paint identical butterflies.

Using Stencils in art is also called pochoir.

Butterfly Drawing and Stencil. Armour Products Rub 'n' Etch Stencil Butterflies

butterfly Stencils are like a negative where you add the paint or whatever material you are using, then removing the stencil and the picture of the Butterfly is there.

Stencils were discovered in ancient cave painting where they used their hands as a stencil.

The people applied paint or whatever material they had around their hand and when removed would show a hand print on the cave wall.

It is possible the cave dwellers carved butterfly or other animals to use as stencils.

The butterfly starts out as a caterpillar that is usually not very pretty. They crawl around the ground or climb up in the trees to find vegetation to eat. Turing into a butterfly transforms their lives. Instead of crawling on the ground they can fly and instead of eating leaves and grass they eat nectar.

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More Butterfly Drawings and Stencils

Butterfly Stencils

Butterfly Drawings

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Find more Butterfly Drawings and Stencils here:

Butterfly Drawings

Butterfly Stencils

Commissions Earned


This represents the life of the person before a Christian conversion and afterwards. Afterwards everything is changed. Their lives become kinder and full of joy. But as the butterfly have several stages of life the Christians on earth is still not experiencing what they will be when Jesus comes for them.

When Jesus comes the Christian will be given a wonderful new body that is a lot more wonderful in comparison to their old body than the larva to the beautiful flying butterfly. The Christian will be able to fly and explore the universe. There is a marvelous future awaiting them that makes the sufferings of earth nothing in comparison.

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creatures on the earth. During the summer I see one most everyday. Sometimes they will land on me and I always see this as a good sign. Using butterflies as coloring pages is a good way to introduce your children to the beautiful world of nature.

A fantasy Story:
One day while mowing my lawn I picked up a tiny cocoon and removed it out of the way of the mower by placing it on the leaf of a nearby tree. Several days later I was sitting outside when a small blue moth landed on my shoulder. It sat there for a couple of minutes and flew away. Since this happens sometimes I didn't think much about it until it happened the next day and the next. For a week this beautiful moth landed on me until finally I didn't see it anymore. I like to believe that this moth was from the cocoon that I placed on the leaf.

Anytime you do something kind toward another creature or a fellow human the kindness is never wasted. Even though man may scorn you and sometimes give you a hard time, the act is registered by God in heaven in your book as a good deed. This does not in any way pay toward your salvation because there is nothing we can do to earn it but you will get a reward there.

Use these stencils to draw butterflies with ease. Also find drawings of butterflys that are already done and can be hung on your wall or used in other decorations. The butterfly in one of the prettiest of God's creatures. Every time I see one fly by I stop and look and admire the beautiful colors and how it seems to float from flower to flower.

The drawing here to the left is done by Cindy Farmer. She is a good artist and she signs each print. If you love this drawing it would be a great addition to any collection. It shows a variety of these beautiful insects and flowers too.

Butterflies are my favorite insect. That probably goes for most folks. I remember one time I was stepping out of the car in front of a church I was visiting. As I stepped out a butterfly flew by and the women greeter commented that it must be a good sign to see one as I got there. She was being nice and probably didn't put much thought in to what she said but this stuck with me.

Now whenever I see one I count it as a blessing from God. A sign of His love and care for me. It would be nice to see one everyday but in the winter that would be hard unless I see one in pictures or use some of these stencils to draw ones and place some on my walls or a poster that I could see everyday. I could hang them up and always be reminded of God's love for me, and all of you readers could do this too.

On a side note: During the summer as I walk through the woods I come across a beautiful while fluffy insect that I call a fairy moth. It has delicate fluffy cottony wings that catch the breezes as it slowly passes through the air. If it is close I will get it to light on my finger and admire its beauty. It is really tiny about 1/2 the size of a pea.

You never see them away from the protection of the forest because if it were too windy they would blow away. It adds to the beauty of being in the woods. It wasn't until I moved to Wisconsin that I saw these tiny fairy like creatures so they must like the muggy warm conditions of the Midwest. Out in Oregon I have never seen anything like it before.

On this page you will find them plus black and white, coloring pages, gifts, stencil, ones for quilts, girls bedroom, jumbo wall stickers, row butterfly, stenciling, craft and more. Enjoy your stay!

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