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When Will the World End Christian Bibles and More Meditation Ellen G. White

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Christian Meditation Techniques

Christian Meditation Techniques How safe is Meditation? Should Christians Meditate? There are two types of Meditation, one is from the Bible and the other from Satan. How to tell the difference so that you don't accidentally open yourself up to the evil ones suggestions.

Learn how Will Baron (author of book below)was given a mission to infiltrate the Christian churches to teach them how to meditate. He was given this mission to advance the cause of the evil one and prepare the people to accept his delusions. Learn how Will accidentally exposed this plan and now can give warnings to all the Christian churches.

There are two types of Meditation. One opens you up to God and the other to Satan. The true Christian way of Meditating is to meditate on something from the Bible or other Christian book. Example would be Psalms

119:78. "I will meditate on your precepts." No Bible writer has told us to quiet our mind and listen for the voice of God.

When one sits in silence and listens for that voice it opens up the way for some entity to implant ideas. Satanic angels can telepathically implant thoughts into the mind of the one meditating. An example of occult "Christian" Meditating would for the person meditating to imagine warm sunshine streaming down on them while seated in a beautiful garden. Invite Jesus Christ into your garden and ask him anything you want. Listen to his reply. After you are done you might say the Lords prayer. This seems on the surface innocent but actually this type of Meditation is designed by the evil one to gain influence over you. There is much more to learn about the correct type of Christian Meditation and how to tell the difference. Will Baron has extensive experience in both types of meditation and reading his book will give you the information your need to stay safe.

Types and sub-categories of meditation are Deep, Guided, Mindfulness, Yoga, Benefits, Mastering, Scripture, Free, Daily New Age Meditation. Photo used under Creative Commons from Chris Yarzab

Christian Meditation Techniques

Deceived by the New Age

Will Baron was a New Age Priest. He was given the job of infiltrating Christian churches to teach them the occult way of Meditation. This way Satan could influence Christians and lead them into error. At first Will thought he was worshiping God but discovered that his master was really Satan disguised as an angel of light.

Will wrote a book, "Deceived by the New Age," about his experiences and to warn Christians of harmful Meditation. The "Mastermind" is preparing the world for his greatest deception to come upon the earth. The book is an important tool for any Christian who wants to only worship Jesus and be safe during these last days. For more information and to order this book click this link.
Deceived by the New Age

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See this interview of Will Baron. Hear it for yourself.

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