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Leg and Stomach Cramps

Simple Cure for Leg and Stomach Cramps

Simple Cure for Leg and Stomach Cramps Charlie Horse Cramps Relief for the Leg and Stomach. If you have night calf or abdominal muscle cramps then this will teach you a free simple cure that can be done to relieve the cramp immediately. Severe Nocturnal leg cramps won't be able to withstand this treatment relief. How to get rid of a Charlie horse in the body, leg or stomach.

Most people already know how to stop a leg cramp in its tracks. Just get out of bed and walk on it and it will immediately stop.

However the stomach cramp or Charlie horse isn't always as easy to figure out. Usually while sitting down, my stomach cramps would originate from a cough or sneeze and I would sometimes have the worse time trying to make it stop. Bearing down hard on the cramp would help and make it to tolerable but usually would not make it go away. It could take as long as ten minutes before the painful cramp would subside.

One day while sitting at the computer I sneezed or coughed and the painful cramp hit again. The thought suddenly came to me, (Probably answer to prayer) just stand up and lean backwards and hold the position. I stood up and leaned back as far as I could without falling over with my hands behind my back. I held the position and the cramp immediately disappeared. I have done this ever since and without fail the cramp goes away.

What causes these cramps? I am not sure but have read that it could be a lack of vitamin B12. Both my husband and I take a potent Vitamin B12 every 3 or 4 days. (Taking a vitamin everyday can be harmful) I have noticed that the leg cramps have lessened but not the stomach cramps with the Vitamin therapy. However it is so relieving to have found a sure relief for the stomach cramp and it has taken the fear out of a sudden cough or sneeze while sitting.

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