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Free Crochet Patterns

Free Crochet Patterns Photo license

Free Easy Crochet Patterns.

Easy patterns for crochet are found on this page. Crochet is a craft that uses a crochet hook to weave yarn or thread to make a shirt, mittens, booties, doily or some other useful object that can be crafted together. Crocheting uses only one stitch at a time unlike knitting, which uses more.

Crochet first became popular in Europe during the 19th century and the earliest mention of this craft was in a book about a Lady Elizabeth Grant who lived from 1797 to 1830.

In modern times interest in crochet sprang up in the 1940's and has lasted until now with the popularity of this craft rising and falling as each new generation learns to enjoy this art. Now with all the free patterns found...

More Crochet Patterns & Supplies (not free)

Crochet Patterns (all types)

Crochet Hat Patterns

Crochet Afghan Patterns

Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns


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Check out these Crochet Patterns, Free ones are below

Here are the Free Easy Crochet Patterns

Free Crochet Patterns for Beginners

Easy Patio Pillows

Easy Wash Cloth

Easy Keyboard Duster

Drawstring Purse

Easy Crochet Vest

A lot more EASY Crochet & Knit for Beginners

Crochet Patterns

on the Internet the interest has really peaked and continues to be an enjoyable craft.
Basically all you need to Crochet is a hook, yarn or thread. There are also related tools that help the crafter count and measure the stitches and material.
The hook can be found in different sizes depending on what you are making. Also the material used to make the hook varies. They can come in aluminum, bone, bamboo, steel or plastic. The most common is the aluminum and plastic. The yarn and thread you need for your project can be found in any craft store or your local Walmart or Target.

On this page you will find free easy Crochet Patterns that you can download for babies, men, Christmas, afghan, beginners, vintage, baby. This is one of the best sources to find that free Crochet Pattern.

My friend Sue loves to crochet. She would sit for hours while watching the house and all her kids commanding them from the couch as she continued her craft. She had a bag beside her and anytime she sat down out would come the needles and hooks and tiny baby sweaters, bonnets and booties would flow from her fingers.

One time she entered her work in the local fair and won first place with her work so she was talented. One summer her nephew came to visit and becoming bored he asked her to teach him and then for awhile there were two of them on the couch working away with the yarn flowing and the hooks flashing.

The art or craft of crochet uses a large hooked needle to interlace yarn or thread to make useful items like blankets, baby outfits, mittens and much more.

On this page you will find free patterns besides others that you might be interested in.
Some of the more popular patterns are flowers. The most popular is the rose in bloom. The Irish rose is also a hit and looks really nice on an outfit or afghan.
The photo here shows a close up this craft and you can see the pretty design of whatever is being made.
My guess is that it will be a potholder. However it also could be the beginnings of a rug. There are so many possibilities.

This photo shows a completed sock project. Knowing the art of crochet can be quite useful and you can make warm clothes for all ages.

The first known use of crochet was in a book about Lady Elizabeth Grant who lived between 1797 to 1830. I donít know if she invested this craft or was taught it but anyway the hobby became really popular and by the 1940ís it was mainstream.

Once you learn how to do it this craft it is really easy. The only tools needed are a hook of any size depending on the size of your project and some yarn or thread. Of course a pattern is necessary. However once you get become talented you can invent your own. Above is a list of where you can free ones.

This photo (not shown here) shows a friend hard at work making something, probably for a baby. She loved kids and was always crafting a outfit or booties for them.

She never married but loved kids so much that she adopted six of them. Most of them had special needs. She also had a foster home that she ran with a friend for several years to support her family. Unfortunately she died this year (2014) from cancer and left quite a void in peopleís lives, especially her kids. The kids were mostly grown up with the youngest one seventeen years old. You can read Sue's memorial that tells of her life at the link under her photo.

However her favorite hobby was crocheting and I can still remember her sitting on the couch with her supplies making another great item. She even won first place at the local fair with her craft, so she was very talented.

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