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Department 56

Department 56 Department 56 Original Snow Village Christmas At Grandma's Lit House

Department 56 Villages

The Department 56 Company was started in 1976. It makes colorful collectible villages and other gifts items.

The Department 56 treasures are know for beautiful vintage villages with houses and churches that are lit up with tiny lights. These beautiful villages are especially popular during the Christmas season.

The first village made by Department 56 was a snow village made up of six houses. The houses have copyright dates on the bottom. The first house built was a mountain lodge. Then a Gabled cottage and an inn were added. All the houses are made from ceramic. This first collection including accessories has more than 225 pieces.

After this other villages and other themes was made that included "Christmas in the City," "North Pole" series and "Little Town of Bethlehem" and more. The villages include, Heritage village, which has quaint houses with a Dickens theme and the "New England Village" the "Alpine Village" and others.

The North Pole series has Santa's workshop, Elf bunkhouse and a reindeer barn and was produced in 2005. The Department 56 collectibles are beautiful and will add elegance and color to any environment.

Here are some of the items you will find on this page. Snow Village, Retired, Green Book, Krinkles, Dickens, Christmas Bubbler, Goldren Vine Ferris Wheel, 12 Days of Christmas, New England Village, North Pole, Churchyard Fence, Seasons Bay, Stores, A Christmas Story, Christmas in the City, Retirements, Peanuts, Lights, Nativity and Collectables.

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Department 56 Villages

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A Tall Tale

One day as I was waiting for my wife to finish her shopping I checked out the Christmas section of a local department store. There in the middle of all the glittering lights and display was a beautiful tiny town. It has all the buildings, homes and businesses that you would expect to see in any vintage town plus a nice church.

I could imagine all the people hurrying back and forth as they were getting ready for Christmas. The store has the lights low in this section so you could see that the buildings had lighted windows. The streetlights were lit and dusk seemed to be falling.
My imagination was fired up and I spent probably close to an hour admiring the town and imagining where I would put it all if I decided to put one in my own home.

My wife Susan found me still contemplating the town and wanted to hurry me away. But instead I started to show her everything and before very long she was caught up in the magic. We spent some time there and were talking about where we would put our own little town when reality finally struck.

Our home and budget was too small. The best we could do was to put a small section of it in our home. Maybe a couple homes, a store and a church would be all we could afford. We continued to discuss all of this as we went on our way.
But next time I was in that store one of my first stops was to check out the Christmas display. Once the season was over I was sad as I knew it would be awhile before seeing that wonderful little town again.

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