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How to Beat Depression My husband James has suffered from depression for years. He went through days when he would not respond or talk, just sat staring ahead or sleeping. This went on in cycles. He would have okay days and then bad to worse days. I really feared for his life and tried to do everything I could to help him.

James refused to go to the doctor and it did not help when we read medical reports that the general depression medication used by doctors had only a 30% cure rate. (now the latest data says that the drugs work only 15% of the time) Also one of the side effects of this medicine is an increase in impulsiveness. Suicide in many cases is a very impulsive act and may be the reason why suicide is one of the side effects of this medication.

This all changed when a friend invited us to go to a free Dr. Neil Nedley seminar on depression. This doctor is world renown and teaches and educates other doctors. His cure for depression is 90% for those who stick to the program.

His residential program is costly, around $6,000 for the 10-day program. However, the clients that come get specialized treatment and 24-hour care. Patients will swear that their case is hopeless and then to the delight of their families, come home totally changed.

We did not have the money for this program so James did a phone assessment interview ($300.00) with the doctor after doing some online tests to see the seriousness of his depression.

After the test and the interview, the doctor recommended several things that could be done. We gladly got the materials and already there is an improvement. Even though he is not doing everything in the program he does not have those times when he is silent for days, and he has a lot more energy. As he does more of the steps he will continue to improve.

Dr. Nedley shares his information freely at his seminars so feel free to check him out and see when he will be in your area. Be sure to see the video below of the Doctor being interviewed. he shares a lot of information there!

Below we list the steps that were recommended to James to beat his depression. We are hoping this information will help someone else.
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12 Steps to Beat Depression
You can do these steps in any order. The more you do the faster the cure.

1. 5-HTP 100 mg in the evening daily. Take one (100mg) just before bedtime. It is reported that this supplement works much better than the depression medication the medical doctors give you, without the bad side effects.

2. Exercise every day, especially outdoors. Walking is good.

3. Early to bed, early to rise. Go to bed by 9:30 p.m. and up by or before 6 am. This will set your brain in the right pattern and help you get more done in the day.

4. Bright blue light therapy every morning. On nice days go out between 6-7am and soak in blue light before (and maybe a little after) the sun comes up for about 20 minutes. On dark days get the Philips GoLITE BLU Energy Light to give you the same light indoors.

5. Acquire the home based version Depression and Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program complete pack, home-based version. This is a 8 part series to give you the tools for healthy thinking and peace of mind. Cane be found here.

6. Lavella, one capsule twice daily. This lavender oil has been shown by clinical studies to treat anxiety.

7. Ground Flaxseed 2 tbsp twice daily. Flaxseed oil is also good. Take the oil with milk (soymilk) or another protein so that the body can adsorb it better. When I was suffering from depression, I added flax seed oil every morning, with some milk, to my breakfast. It took about 3 months before my depression left me. Try as many of these steps as you can to quickly feel better.

8. Drink lots of water. Drinking a quart every morning will give you a good start for the day. You can warm it up to make it more drinkable.

9. Read SOS for Emotions by Lynn Clark , and Yourself the Truth by William Backus and take notes of the salient points that apply to you and review those notes weekly.

10. Use contrast showers twice daily most days. (1 minute cold, then 3 minutes hot, don't burn yourself!) Will detox your body and make your organs work better.

11. Read one page a day of the book Conflict and Courage by Ellen White.

12. If you are ready to act on your suicidal thought and not able to counteract those thoughts call the suicide hotline 1-800-362-8255

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