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Drones for Sale

Drones for Sale DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for GoPro Here you will find a wide selection of Drones or UAV for sale. These include different kinds like the Predator and others. If you are looking for the lethal kind like the Reaper you won't find them here. These drones just spy for you by taking photos and video from above.

The drone feathered here takes photos and is easy right out of the box. It has a GPS feather which flies it home on its own. You will want to test it away from home to learn how to fly it. Don't fly it in public until your are sure you can handle it all right. There are reports of then flying into the flight pass of aircraft and almost causing an accident.

Drones for Sale. Just use them for bug surveillance and such. However there are reports of them being shot out of the sky because someone did not take kindly to being spied upon. One news report said that an unmanned UAV was spying on some hunters for a animals rights group. You can guess what these armed folks did. Of course they shot it out of the sky. So be careful, and know the rules in your area and don't step on any toes.

More and more you hear that the police are using these aerial drone planes to check for criminal behavior. So while you think you are spying on others someone may be watching you.

One fun project would be to solve the mystery of Big Foot or Sasquatch. Fly one of these over the woods in areas where they are reported and maybe you can prove their existence.

Another use for these spies in the sky would be to check your local woods for pot growers. You would not want to accidentally walk into a pot field. This illegal activity can be a problem to innocent hikers.

Photo - Revell 04865 1/48 MQ-9 Reaper Predator

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Choose the right drone for spy surveillance. These are not the reaper or predator types that are lethal but something to check out your area with a video camera. Use for personal or police work.

Here is a wide selection of drones to choose from including Spy, Surveillance and police. These only take photos, video and not lives. Use them to see what is around you and to hunt for wildlife. Never fly close to an airport and keep your drone flying just over the treetops to avoid any entanglement with aircraft.

The drone in this photo has a camera and is easy to fly. It includes an automatic go home feature that brings your craft home even if you lose sight of it. It is already put together and is ready to fly right out of the box.

Be sure to test it in an open field away from homes to get the kinks out of it before you do some serious observation.

Unmanned drones have their uses. Police use them to hunt for criminals or illegal activity. The over use of them are a big concern to many and some have been shot out of the sky when those they are spying on discover the watcher overhead.

In Colorado the town of Deer Creek made an announcement that they were considering opening a drone hunt to citizens. There they are encouraged to shoot down any unmanned aerial vehicle seen flying overhead. Even a $100 bounty would be offered for everyone shot down.

The FAA warned that shooting drones could result in getting arrested because of the harm that could happen to anyone that may be hit by one falling to the ground.

One time an animal rights group sent one up in the sky to spy on a group of hunters. It was a bad idea as the hunters were a little disgusted at the idea and quickly shot it out of the sky. So be careful where you fly one. People donít take kindly to being spied on.

However I am interested in getting one myself once I move to a more remote place. It would be good to see if there really are any big hairy Sasquatch out in the woods and also to make sure there isn't any pot growers close by that could get me into trouble. Of course if the pot growers saw it they would shoot it down so watch out that you donít lose a valuable flying machine.

Another reason to get one would be to check out the area before you plan to hike it. It would be good to avoid any people that might be out there because they may not be up to any good.

Also these could be used to hunt for lost persons or animals. There are so many uses for these flying spies in the sky so check out the ones for sale on this page.

UAV is another name for these and stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

It wasnít to long ago that I was watching the news about a boy who had been kidnapped. The announcer noticed that a UAV was flying over the area to watch what was happening on the ground. This will continue to get more common. And by the way the boy was rescued.

The photo shown with this article is actually a model that you can buy and put together but not like the unmanned Reaper or predator drone. If interested in seeing more about it click this link below.

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