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Ducati Motorcycles For Sale, Parts, Manuals

Ducati Motorcycles used for Sale. Ducati Motorcycle Parts, Service Repair
Manuals. Ducati Motorcycles for all years. Ducati Motorcycle Apparel.
Jackets, T-shirts, Belt Buckles, Boots... Ducati Monster.

Ducati Motorcycles used for Sale Standard Catalog Of Ducati Motorcycles 1946-2005

The Ducati motorcade is produced in Italy and got its start in the 1950's. Ducati didn't make a splash in the world of motorcycles until it produced the Ducati Mach 1 in the 1960's. The Ducati March 1 was the faster 250 cc motorcycle out there. After that Ducati became known for its ability to win motorcycle races.

Now Ducati is a high performance motorcycle with a four strock, 90 degrees engine. This engine features a desmodromic valve design, which helps put Ducati out in front in performance over other bikes. This special valve opens and closes a lot faster then the standard valve in other motorcycles and gives it the edge in achievement.

Another feature giving the Ducati superiority over other bikes is the multiplate dry clutch. Other motorcycle producers use the wet clutch which allows some power loss. The dry clutch removes the drag caused from the oil. Oil gives a smoother clutch engagement and keeps it from wearing out as fast, but the dry version gives higher performance.

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More Ducati Motorcycle Products

Ducati Motorcycle Parts

Ducati Motorcycle Service Repair Manuals

Ducati Motorcycle Engines

Ducati Motorcycle Apparel. Jackets, T-shirts, Belt Buckles, Boots...

Ducati Motorcycle Helmets

Commissions Earned

Some of the Ducati models made were the Ducati Singles in the 1950's, the Ducati Apollo in the 1960's and the Ducati V twin and 750 Supersport in the 1970's, the Ducati Quattrovalvole of the 1980's and Ducati Monster in the 1990's.

Find Ducati st3, 450 and all types of the Ducati Motorcycles for Sale on this page. Plus Ducati service manuals, parts and accessories.

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