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Harley-Davidson Motorcycles For Sale, Parts, Manuals

Harley Davidson used Motorcycles Bikes for Sale. Harley Davidson Parts, Service,
Shop, Repair Manuals. Harley Davidson Motorcycle Apparel.
Jackets, T-shirts, Belt Buckles, Boots...

Harley Davidson used Motorcycles Bikes for Sale Harley Davidson by Erographics Fine Art Print Poster

The Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They produce classic heavyweight motorcycles made for cruising and for the "cool" look of these beautiful bikes. Another name for them is "Harleys." There are Harley clubs that will ride and tour the scenic places of the country. People that love their Harley form a loyal fan club of these motorcycles.

The Harley Davidson motorcycle is also a favorite with the police and many of the motorcycles they ride are Harleys. Next time you see a police officer riding his on duty motorcycle notice the model of his (or her) bike.

In 2000 there was a problem with the Harley Davidson touring motorcycle. Tests revealed a weave or wobble unstableness, which occurred at high speeds. This may have contributed to one officer being killed when his bike stated to wobble while going at a high rate of speed. Hopefully this problem has been fixed by now but if not, going the speed limit may be the best thing anything.

It used to be that most of the Harley-Davidson riders were under the age of 35. Now the average age is closer to 47. The average income of these riders has risen too. This shows that the younger generation kept or got new Harley's as they aged. Brand loyalty is shown here.

Harley Davidson Parts, Service, Shop, Repair Manuals Harley Davidson Men's 'Harness' Motorcycle Boots

The origin of the name "Hog" being used for these large motorcycles came from the 1920's when some farmer kids won a lot of motorcycle races. They had a live hog as their mascot and became known as the "hog boys."

Harley Davidson tried to trademark the name, hog but could not because the name is a generic name for a big motorcycle and referred to others besides Harley's.

On this page you will find a lot of Harley Davidson motorcycles for sale besides manuals and parts. Find big dog, classic and antique motorcyles, corbin leather motorcycle seat, custom, harley boots, accessories, apparel, clothing, decals, fatboy, history, logo, Sportster, gel seats, used and new and more.

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