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Stop Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Stop Heartburn and Acid Reflux Photo used under Creative Commons from EvinDC

My first experience of heartburn or acid reflux was when I was around nine years old. Our family was in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee and had just finished a picnic. In the area was a spring or creek of really cold delicious water, which tasted good, going down, but soon afterwards I experienced a terrible burning sensation in my upper esophagus and throat. It got so bad that I laid down in the back of our station wagon and just waited for the pain to go away. This made such an impression on me that I never forgot the experience.

As an adult I relied on antacids like Tums or the store brand equivalent. Later I used other over the counter antacids that lasted longer like Ranitidine and Famotidine. Unfortunately many of these medicines had side effects that I disliked. Looking in my medical drug book I discovered that Tums or the store equivalent caused weight gain and since I have trouble keeping my weight down I wanted to take these really sparely. When taking Famotidine I noticed that I got depressed and looked it up in the drug book and sure enough depression was a side effect! I quickly threw these away. Who wants depression! Ranitidine seemed to work the best but I longed to get off of any medication for this because all the medications have some bad side effects.

One day I was flipping through the channels when I came across a health lecture. The women speaking had a lot of experience and worked as a doctor at some health clinic that used natural remedies as much as possible. She described acid reflux and said that the real reason why a person had heartburn was because there was not enough acid in the stomach. The food or combinations of foods would reduce the acid and the muscles opening to the esophagus would get the signal that it was ok to open because of the lack of acid. Unfortunately the stomach would be full of food and acid that would then quickly move up burning the esophagus causing all the pain and discomfort found with this disease. She recommended two tablespoons of pure lemon juice taken after meals. This would inform the sphincter muscles to keep the door closed to the esophagus because of the increased acid added from the lemon juice.

I decided to try it and have had excellent results. I wait for two to three hours after a meal and take the lemon juice. The heartburn stays away and I don't have to take anything with side effects that could harm my body. However be sure to keep it at two tablespoons. Once I figured that the meal I had eaten would probably cause a lot of reflux so I increased the lemon juice to close to a quarter of a cup. I figured the more the heartburn the more lemon juice. It doesn't work that way. Instead my stomach seemed to burn for a couple of hours with all that extra lemon juice and I finally took one of my antacids to quiet everything down. So keep it to two tablespoons and enjoy the freedom from dangerous side effects.

For a small precaution you might want to wash out your mouth with water after using the lemon juice to prevent the acid from being to harsh on your teeth.

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