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When and How Will the World End helicopter Gyrocopters for Sale

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Helicopters for Sale

Helicopters for Sale. Helicopter information, products, Books, DVD's. Bell,
Military, Apache, Hog, Blackhawk, Helicopter Kits, Airwolf, Chinook,
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Helicopters for Sale Coast Guard helicopter Demo at the Seattle Maritime Festival, Washington, USA Art Photographic Poster Print by William Sutton

Helicopter - an aircraft that is lifted up and propelled by horizontal rotors. Helicopters are classified as rotorcraft or rotary wing aircraft, different from fixed wing aircraft. Helicopters get it lift from rotor blades rotating around a mast.

The advantage the helicopter has over fixed wing is that that they can lift without having to move forward. This way they can take off and land without a runway so can be used in areas where airplanes can't function.

Igor Sikorsky designed the first helicopter that entered full-scale production. 131 were produced and were all made with a single main rotor with antitorque tail rotor.

Used Helicopter for Sale. The Helicopter Pilot's Manual: Volume 2 The turbo shaft engine was developed in 1951, which gave extra horsepower to the helicopter while allowing it to carry more weight. Two years later the first twin-turbine helicopter was developed.

Now with the development of lightweight turboshaft engines, helicopters are larger, faster and higher performance. Smaller helicopters still use the less expensive piston engine.

There are many jobs that require the special ability of the helicopter in transportation, construction, firefighting, search and rescue, logging and more.

Helicopters are used in the military mounted with missile launchers and miniguns to conduct aerial attacks on ground targets. They are also used in transportation of supplies and troops.

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The Helicopter has the advantage over the fixed wing aircraft in that it can lift without having to move forward. You don't need a lot of room for a runway and it can take off from the tops of buildings. One of the best examples is the medical helicopter that needs to quickly get the patient to surgery and can land on a specially designed place on top of a hospital building.

A helicopter is an aircraft that is lifted up in the air and moved by horizontal rotors. They are classified as a rotorcraft or rotary wing aircraft, not a fixed wing. The lift is cause from the rotor blades rotating around a mast.

Igor Sikorsky is credited with designing the first helicopter. They were made with a single main rotor with an antitorque tail rotor. Then in 1951 the turbo shaft engine was developed for the helicopter, which gave it extra horsepower and the ability to carry more weight. The twin turbine helicopter was developed a couple of years later.

The modern helicopter is larger, faster, performs better and made of lightweight turboshaft engines. Helicopters can be used for people movers, construction, fighting fire, search and rescue, lumberjacking, military and more.

New and Used ones found here including kits, Bell, Blackhawk, Apache, Ultralight, Robinson, Huey and more.

One time I was out on my daily walk in the woods behind my home when something in the sky caught my attention. Way up, so far in the sky that I could not hear any sound was a large helicopter. It did not look like the usual type and it is hard to describe what it looked like except that if I were to guess it might be the type that lifts heavy loads. It didn't have the usual shape of the standard type. It was so far away above me that it was the size of a small mosquito in comparison to my hand.

Another strange thing about it was that it was holding its position over my hiking area. It never moved but continued to hold the same position the whole time I was walking. I wondered if it was spying on me but there wasn't reason why I would be important to anyone so that didn't seem very likely. Besides if it someone were peering down using some sort of telescope on me they would have realized that I noticed them and would have pretended to be moving on to not arouse suspicion.

However there may be another good explanation on why it was there. A fellow up the road from us repairs these aircraft. It could be that he was out with one and liked to hover above where he lived to check on the craft. This did make some sense and I decided to let it go at that. I never saw it again after that day.


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