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Cure for Insomnia

Free and easy Cure for Insomnia

Free and easy Cure for Insomnia Photo used under Creative Commons from Carlos Martz

I have been testing this cure for insomnia for a week now and have good results. Please test it yourself and then come back to this page and report your results in the guest book.

I have had insomnia for years. It comes and goes. When it is bad I usually miss between 2-3 hours or more a night and lay there awake with my body feeling keyed up.

The insomnia cure is real simple and easy. Here is what you do.

When you can't sleep. Do 5 Yawns. They will be artificial at first but by the time you do the 5 your body should kick in and real ones should come. If not, do a few more.

This will remove the hyper/wide-awake feeling and relax you. I then go to sleep within a half hour or less.

I have been testing this for some time now and this is what I have discovered. The 5 yawns work best when you first go to bed. If you are wired up and can't fall to sleep this works really well. It seems to reset your brain for sleep time. However if I wake up in the middle of the night this does not work as well. The best thing to do is to choose not to stress about it and day dream on something that is pleasant while watching your clock. After you have been awake for one hour get up, go to the bathroom or something and then crawl back into bed. Do not get on your computer. The screen really wakes you up and you probably won't get back to sleep. Usually I fall asleep again fairly quickly. But if I don't, I figure that I must not have needed all that sleep and take advantage of it and get up early.

Now if your insomnia comes from worrying about stuff here is what you do. The yawns will still help you but it would be nice to take care of your worries too.

Here is what you do: Get up and find a private place to pray. Bring everything to your Heavenly Father that worries you. Ask His help for everything, mentioning each concern individually to Him. This will relax you and give you the feeling that someone else is helping you out. And He will. In fact He helped me find this insomnia cure. The insomnia had stated again and I had spent the last several nights going without the sleep I needed. I was telling My Heavenly Father that I was afraid it would turn into depression if I didn't get enough sleep, when this cure came to my mine. I instantly tried it and went to sleep within minutes.

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