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When and How Will the World End jet Cessna Aircraft for Sale aircraft How to Beat Depression

Private Jet Aircraft for Sale

Used Private Jet Aircraft for Sale. Plus Jet Aircraft Information, History and Products.
Cessna Citation, Twin, Eclipse, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault, Beechcraft,
Learjet and more.

Used Private Jet Aircraft for Sale Cessna 525 Citation Jet - Public Domain Photo

Do you need your own private, business (or bizjet) jet to get around? If so this is the page for you. If you can't find the jet aircraft you are looking for go to the link at the end of this article and you will find a lot more Jets for sale. It isn't easy on this page to narrow down the real jets from the other things that have the jet name but the link will take you to a page where you can find them easier.

You might consider leasing a jet for under $5,000 a month if you need one for a shorter amount of time or you want to avoid the ownership and insurance hassle. To find jets for lease look under the heading "Jet Aircraft for Lease."

Most business Jets have two or three engines instead of the four used in the past. This is due to advances in engine reliability and power. Light jets are in demand and single engine Jets are in the works.

Cessna Citation, Twin, Eclipse, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault, Beechcraft, Learjet Cessna Citation Jets Heavy jets are made for luxury, roomer air travel. They are the size of a small airliner and are expensive to buy and maintain. Examples of this type of jet include the Airbus, Boeing, Embaraer, Bombardier, Dassault and the Gulfstream G series.

Supers mid size jets are made for high altitude, speed and luxury and can travel long distances. Examples are the Cessna Citation, Hawker 4000 and others.

Light Jets are the most popular, especially since the production of the Learjet in the 1960's. Besides the Learjet and some others the light jets include the Cessan Citation series, Grob and Sino Swearingen and the Phonom 300.

On this page you will find private jet aircraft or planes for sale or lease. Charter or buy your jet airplane.

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Jet Aircraft for Sale


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