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Waves in Dark Matter

Dark Matter. What is Dark Matter. Dr. Wagner's research on Dark Matter.
Dark Matter Waves. Dark Matter in Space.

Dr. Wagner's research on Dark Matter. W Waves
Waves in Dark Matter

The idea of dark matter waves is new. Dr. Wagner has been working with waves in plants for many years and early attributed them to waves in dark matter. Theses waves are matter penetrating because dark matter appears to interact very little electromagnetically.

Dr. Wagner has found that they seem to interact sufficiently so that they have much to do with life and other phenomena on earth and everywhere. The waves appear to be like sound in their behavior and they thus interact with charge where charge is moveable. Dr. Wagner has recently been able to artificially produce these waves and seems to be able to use them to send information through hundreds of meters of earth and rock such as the local hill on his property.

This again would seem to imply dark matter waves. Some have said that dark matter is not dense enough to do the things that here are attributed to it. A recent article in Physical Review appears to puts the lie to this idea. Dark matter appears to stick around and not rush through everything, like it was not there, as some have implied. Dark matter waves may accomplish some of the phenomena attributed to gravity waves, which never have been detected on earth but seem to be indicated by loss of energy from pulsar

combinations. Some of the phenomena that dark matter waves and dark matter oscillations seem to explain are:

  1. The solar cycle
  2. Variable stars
  3. The organization of the planets and the satellites of planets. Note how the planet spacing increases with distance from the sun. This can be explained by standing waves from the sun, in dark matter, where the velocity of dark matter waves increases as 1/ (square root of the density of dark matter) going away from the sun.
  4. The rings of the gaseous planets (without shepherd moons) are produced by standing waves produced by oscillating layers within the planets.
  5. Perhaps much of the universe organization attributed to sound waves in the early universe may be explainable by waves in dark matter. There may be a different history out there.
  6. The so-called dark energy may have its origins in waves in dark matter.
The first four listings above have never really been explained before which again tends to prove the validity of the waves in dark matter hypothesis. See Dr. Wagner's articles on his website and in science journals. Dr. Wagners Website

Dr. Wagner's research on Dark Matter
Dr. Ed Wagner

Dr. Orvin E. Wagner obtained a PhD in physics from the University of Tennessee in 1968 and was a postdoctoral fellow at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

He taught physics at California State Polytechnic University (San Luis Obispo). He did research in condensed matter physics at Lockheed Research Laboratory (Palo Alto).

He published many articles in professional journals. In addition to his other work, since 1966 he has done biophysics research that led to the discovery of wave effects in plants in 1988.

Since January of 1988 Dr. Wagner has devoted full time to researching these and related phenomena. He has been assisted in this work by interested faculty from local universities.
Dr. Wagners Website


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