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Meteorites For Sale

Meteorites and Space Rocks For Sale. Meteorite Facts, Information
and Identification. Meteorite Hunting, Impacts, Prices, Dealer.

Meteorites and Space Rocks For Sale
The Willamette Meteorite, the largest ever to be found in the United States

Do you dream of finding your own meteorite? If you haven't been lucky enough to find your own then buying one from someone who has is the next best thing. On this page you will find Meteorites for sale.

A meteorite is a rock from space that survives the entry to land on the earth. Before landfall it is called a meteor or meteoroid. When the meteorite impacts the air around our planet the friction causes the rock to heat up and burn. These fireballs are visible as shooting stars and it is always fun to see one. There is an average of 500 meteorites that survive the entry through earth's atmosphere each year.

Meteorites and Space Rocks For Sale The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Meteorites There are different kinds of meteorites and the price determined for each one is depended on the type. Some are more rare than others are. There is some friction between those who want to put the meteorites in museums and those who want to sell them. It seems perfectly right for the museum to pay to acquire them the same as anyone else. This way anyone who finds one isn't denied the reward for the find. Meteorite hunting is a fun sport and some try to make a living on it and should be given a fair price.

If the meteorite is seen as it falls to the earth it is called a "fall." A meteorite that is found without seeing it fall is called a "Find." Meteorites can be divided in three categories. Stony meteorites, which are made up of silicate minerals, Iron meteorites that are made mainly from iron and some nickel and then Stony Iron meteorites that have both metallic and rock materials.

86% of the meteorites that survive the fall to earth are called "Chondrites," which are the Stony ones made up of silicate minerals.

8% are the Achondrites that are ancient rocks that might be material from asteroids.

5% are iron meteorites and 1% are the Stony Iron meteorites.

On this page you will find meteorites for sale plus books on meteorite identification and price. Guelain, Toluca tektite meteorites. Meteorite shower. Space rocks fall map.

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