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Mosquito Fish

Mosquito fish for Sale. Mosquito fish information, Care, Food, Habitat and more. Mosquitofish.

Mosquito fish for Sale. Find Mosquito fish for sale below

The Mosquito fish (or more correctly Mosquitofish or its generic name gambusia) is a freshwater fish. They are best known for eating the larval and pupal stages of mosquitoes so are added to ponds to cut down on those pests. Mosquito fish are very hardy and can withstand waters that are low in oxygen and high in saltiness and temperatures making them one of the most widespread fresh water fish in the world.

If you keep them in your aquarium they can probably eat regular fish food.

Mosquito fish resemble the guppy without the colors and belong in the same fish family. Mosquito fish multiply quickly with the female maturing in six or eight weeks. She can produce three or four batches (usually around 50 babies) of young in a single season. They are live bearing which gives the offspring a greater survival rate them egg laying fish.

Mosquito fish usually live two to three years and can have a population explosion which can damage existing fish and aquatic life, even causing some species to go extinct, so don't put them in places where they can get out and populate the surrounding creeks. Individual ponds are best.

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Mosquitofish (Correct Spelling)

Mosquito fish

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