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Novelty Toilet Seats

Novelty Toilet Seats Magnolia 900 Round Yellow Duckies Toilet Seat

Novelty Toilet Seats for Sale. Many unique and novelty seats to choose from. Make your bathroom different then the average with these. There are many choices like heated, black, soft and even square. Wouldn't it be fun to have your guests go into your bathroom and find a toilet seat that light up or has a fish tank design or any weird design that you can and sometimes can't imagine? Check out all the designs and themes.

Some are really pretty with walnut or oak wood. The soft ones feel nice but sometimes it is harder to clean the creases that develop in soft material, so make sure this is what you want before buying.

When we were kids we moved to our dads uncles place and his house did not have an indoor toilet. Instead he had an outhouse. To us kids this was fun but the outhouse just had a hole cut in the wood instead of a seat. Of course the wood would not be as clean. We should have added a seat right away to make it more comfortable and sanitary. But us kids enjoyed the primitive living and didn't care. No one got sick so I guess no harm was done.

Later as an adult we bought some property and put in an outhouse. It had the proper toilet seats and was quite comfortable. The only hazard was the bees that came in. One time I was stung on the rear and that wasn't any fun. However the over all experience was good and I would do it again as long as the climate wasn't to cold.

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More Novelty Toilet Seats

More Novelty Toilet Seats

Bemis Toilet Seats

Black Toilet Seats

Decorative Toilet Seats

Designer Toilet Seats

Elongated Toilet Seats

Fish Toilet Seats

Heated Toilet Seats

Light Up Toilet Seats

Padded Toilet Seats

Raised Toilet Seats

Square Toilet Seats

Unique Toilet Seats

Novelty Toilet Seats

Commissions Earned


Unique and Novelty Toilet Seats for Sale. Toilet seats have become a new art for your bathroom. They come in many styles and colors from black to yellow. They can be decorative, weird, raised square and any type and still function for the task it is made for.

Heated ones are the way for cold country and if you add a light up function you wont get lost in the dark.

They also come in many shapes like elongated, square and the more traditional round shape. Bemis is a brand that makes good quality seats and also offers some designer ones as well.

Some even has a fish tank on the back. The only problem is that you cant see the fish while you are seating there. It seems the aquarium should be in front so you can have something to enjoy as you wait.

This photo shows some of the nice styles you can find in a toilet seat. It would be hard to choose when you have so many choices.

On this page you will see many types too and if you click through on one you will then find others that are similar making the choice even harder.

This photo was taken at a toilet seat museum. I wonder if they get a lot of visitors. The seats are all home made and show the unique character of the owner.

The museum has become such a hit that it has been featured on several TV shows.

On this page you should find something that will make your bathroom stand out from the rest.

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