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Paragliding, Paragliders for Sale

Paraglider and Paragliding Equipment for Sale. Paragliding Information,
Products, Manuals, Parts, Ram air, Airfoil, Parafoil. Paragliding Pilot
Training Books, Videos and DVD's. Used Paraglider for Sale.

Paraglider and Paragliding Equipment for Sale. Take off from a ramp, Germany - Photo License

Do you want to fly a free flying foot launched aircraft? This is what the paragliding is with the pilot secured by his harness to a wing made from some type of fabric called a parafoil.

A couple more names for it are the airfoil and ram air. The wing has vents, which air pass through giving it lift. The wing is bent over the rider and can be seen in this photo.

As you can see the pilot is launching off a ramp and heading over a beautiful valley. This is flying at its greatest. The rider can feel the air pass by and the excursion is real quiet. Some will have a powered parachute in order to stay up longer but the paraglider is really closer to nature.

The pilot usually has a back up parachute with his harness in case of a problem. This gives peace of mind to both the pilot and those who love them. Most Paragliding wings range from around 8-12 meters and weight between 3 to 7 kg and the speed that can be achieved by the Paraglider is between 12-30mph (20-50 km/h).

Used Paraglider for Sale. Paragliding - A Pilot's Training Manual Beginners should start out really slow until they have gained the skill needed to fly these beautiful aircraft. Most accidents are caused by pilot error so good training is extremely important.

Some larger Paragliders can carry a second person and this can actually increase the safety of the aircraft. The extra weight and bigger aircraft adds to the stability of the flight.

Paragliding is a safe sport as long as you have proper training and good equipment. On this page you will find Paragliding gear and manuals to get you started in this fascinating sport. Information, Products, Manuals, Parts, Ram air, Airfoil, Parafoil. Pilot Training Books, Videos and DVD's. New and Used equipment.

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