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Pioneer Vintage

Pioneer Vintage

Pioneer Vintage electronics for Sale Including Turntables, Stereo, Speakers and more.

The Pioneer Company was founded in Japan and first specialized in radio and speaker repair before branching into making good quality electronics. Now it is known all over the world, and the older antique vintage electronic models are being sought after by collectors.

My husband has one of these Pioneer Radios and it still works really good. I get to hear music on it and the sound is as good as any device today.

Many of the vintage Pioneer components had a silver finish and are collectors items today. The...

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Vintage Pioneer Electronics

Vintage Pioneer Radios

Vintage Pioneer Turntables


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electronics made by Pioneer before 1982 was analog and had knobs and toggle switches and the back and sides of the components were covered with a walnut veneer and solid walnut trim. These are what the collectors are looking for.

It is hard to find a good book or resource for vintage values and prices for Pioneer electronics but one way to check out the value of your item is to go to eBay and see what it is selling for. This page has several eBay modules that show current prices.

These electronics include Turntables, Speakers, Stereo, Car Stereo equipment, receivers, audio, se 700, signal processor, gear, cassette deck, headphones and more. Also books on their Values and find a receiver.

A nice thing about the this Company is the quality work that they did on their electronics. That is a big reason why it is so popular today. You just don't find this type of "Made in America" workmanship anymore. Our radio continues to work after many years. If we ever decide to sell it, the new owner would get a product that is in new condition. My husband always takes such good care of his stuff that it is rare to find a scratch on any of it.

I always keep my stuff in tiptop shape and this is no exception for my vintage Pioneer radio. It still plays as well as if it were new and if you checked it over you would not find any dings or scratches on it. The good quality of the company that made it is also a factor on why my radio still plays so nice.

Pioneer still makes stuff today but the vintage electronics is what the collector's are after.

At first this company just did repairs for radios and speakers. Once they got really good in doing that they branched out and got into quality electronics.

In the photo above notice that this is a Pioneer speaker with its grill on. Scroll below and see it without the grill. This picture just shows what the speaker looks like but when looking at a vintage radio notice that the knobs and toggle switches show that it is an analog system. This is what most collectors are looking for and my radio has these too. It has the silver front and is in new condition.

The photo above shows what it looks like under the grill. These are "made in American" goods back when everything was made to the highest standards. It isn't easy to find such good quality today. This may be why these are so popular now.

One of the best places to check the value of your antique is eBay. EBay will tell you what stuff is selling for and it is very easy to search for what you want. I just checked my radio and found one very similar going for about two hundred and fifty dollars. It has one bid on it so people are buying.

This inspires me to keep my vintage items in excellent shape. You never know what they will sell for as time continues. Mine also has the walnut trim that makes these so nice. If you are collecting these then this page is an excellent place to start.

On this page you should be able to find several Pioneer electronics to fit your budget. Also find information about these vintage gadgets to learn more about them.

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