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Plastic Aprons

Plastic Aprons Photo License

Plastic, vinyl and oilcloth plastic aprons and for Kids too!

A Plastic apron protects your garments from messes and wear and tear. Keeping your clothes clean will enable you to wear something nice while you are preparing a meal. This works great for family and company.

A plastic apron is part of the uniform for many jobs. Nurses, blacksmith, tool and die manufacturers, domestic staff would like one to guard them from the dirt and grease related to the duty on the job.

Photo - A full length plastic apron.

Aprons that are waterproof like plastic, oilcloth and vinyl are great for messy jobs. These types can be wiped off with a washcloth and can be worn longer than those that are just cloth. Another type is the disposable type that is worn once and then thrown away. These work well for hospitals where you need to keep everything clean and sterile.

Men also like to wear aprons to keep their clothes clean when working in the kitchen and even doing chores around

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the house. Wearing one while doing house chores out of the kitchen is not done as often as in the past. In fact it is pretty rare because of the ease of washing clothes in our modern time.

Kids enjoy wearing one too and it gives them the feeling of being helpful members of the family if they get to put one on while helping out in the kitchen. Especially making cookies is a fun chore to help the child learn their way around the kitchen.

When helping out a friend who had a handicapped child I would sometimes put a plastic apron on her as the food didn't always stay where it should. It took a lot of patience to slowly empty a bowl of food one bite at a time. I would talk to the child as I was feeding her and this made it more pleasant for both of us. These aprons always can in handy.

Once you try one of these aprons there is no going back to clothe ones for wet jobs. I always needed a plastic one when feeding someone who was messy and the cloth would have seeped pretty quickly and gotten everything wet.

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