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Lil Red Express Truck

Lil Red Express Trucks for Sale. Li'l Red Express Truck Parts, Repair Manuals.
Lil' Red Express Dodge Truck Books, Pictures, Restoration and more.

Lil Red Express Trucks for Sale 1978-79 Li'l Red Express Truck Name & Stripe Kit 78 & 79 Li'l Red Express Trucks

The Li'l Red Express Truck was released in 1978 and was the most unique Truck Dodge ever produced. These trucks looked great and also preformed well too. When tested by Car and Truck magazine it was the fastest American made vehicle from 0 to 100.

Lil Red Express had an engine that was a modified 360 police engine. 225 net horsepower at 3800 RPM. High performance 260 C.I. Hemi style mufflers with a crossover pipe breathing through 2 chrome stacks located behind the cab, a special 727 transmission and 3.55:1 rear gearing.

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Lil Red Express Trucks for Sale

Lil Red Express Trucks (all years)

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Lil Red Express Truck Manuals

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2,188 Dodge Lil' Red Express Trucks were produced in 1978.

In 1979 Dodge produced 5,118 Lil Red Express Truck's. The only changes made included a catalytic converter, unleaded gas, 85 MPH speedometer. Also the new flat hood and dual square headlights replacing the round version. Tires had raised white letters on 8-inch chrome wheels.

Lil Red Express Trucks, Part and manuals for Sale.

1978 was the year this popular truck was produced and it was very different from other trucks in how it looked and performed. It was considered the fastest USA made vehicle that could go from zero to one hundred. The Lill Red Express is loved by many hot rod enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. If you want fast and awesome this is it! A great truck to impress your date and be the envy of all your friends.

The year 1978 was a great year for these trucks. They are very distinct with the two chrome exhaust stacks rising up behind the cab that just seems to shout, "speed!" The first year only 2,188 of them were made but more came in later years. 1979 are good collector years too. Look for books, pictures and restoration guides on this page.

On a side note: That year was special to me too. It was when I graduated from Milo Adventist Academy. This academy sits in a beautiful valley near Canyonville Oregon. It is pretty remote and is connected to the road by a bridge. I went to school there for three years and enjoyed hiking and exploring the area. It was common for me to take something I needed to memorize for class and head for the hills. I could really make it stick as I walked and recited the lessons.

One time I went out and was walking through he woods when I came upon a herd of deer. I held really still and they did not run away. In fact one of them became curious and started to approach me. As it came to close for comfort I waved my hand scaring it back. Maybe I should have left it alone. It probably would have sniffed me and left but sometimes a deer will lunge and strike you with its front feet so I didn't want to take any chances.

Another time I was really tired and couldn't get any sleep in the dorm since I had worked all night and the activity level was such that no sleep was available. I packed a lunch and disappeared in the forest. Finding a nice place I stretched out and took a nap. Upon awaking I noticed that some type of cat was watching me. It quickly disappeared and probably was a bobcat. Looking back I probably should not have done that since that area had cougars too. I would come across deer kills on my walks and that should have alerted to the fact that the forest was probably not he best place for a nap. I need to wait until he new earth when the woods will be safe and all the animals friendly.

If you want to be the envy of your friends invest in a Lil Red Express truck. This popular truck can outrun any other that is made in the USA so don’t try to race one unless you have your own.

The 1979 Dodge model shown in this photo is sitting in a parking lot and the hood is up to show off the powerful engine. Notice the cool exhaust stacks?

This tells you it has a lot of "get up and go" and fast too.

The back of this truck looks all metal but some have wood side panels along the sides of the trailer bed. However it might just be the angle of the photo and could have this wood after all.

It just depends on what you prefer. The photo below this shows one that has the wood paneling.

The one above shows the wood paneling and is also a 1979 model. Notice that it is kept in immaculate condition. This is a show truck and you wouldn’t want to be driving it in the salt or risk it someway.

The hot rod enthusiast loves the Little Red Express truck and your collection would be incomplete without one. However only 2,188 of them were made during the first year so the supply is limited. If you see what you want don't wait. You may not find another like it anytime soon.

The photo above show a 1978 model and from the photo you can see that it is in an auto show. Since the 78 has a limited supply most of them are found in shows instead of being used as a regular rig. You wouldn’t want to get a scratch on one if you can help it.

This hardy little pick up will turn heads anytime you drive it down the road. It will win most of your races but you want to be careful with them. They are worth quite a bit and racing them would be risky.

If you can’t find what you are looking for just come back because new ones will be coming in all the time.

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