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When and How Will the World End sailboat Build Your Own Kayak sailboat Kite Surfing

Windsurfing Boards, Sails for Sale sailboat Natural Cures for Disease sailboat How to Beat Depression

Sailboats For Sale

Sail Boats for Sale. Used and New Sailboats. Facts, Information and Products
for your Sailboat. Cataline, Macgregor, Sunfish, Catamaran, Sailboat
Trailers, and much more.

Sail Boats for Sale
Three-masted schooner "Linden" of Mariehamn, Aland.

Do you dream of owning a sailboat and being free to sail away anywhere you want too? If so this page is the right place to start. Here you will find sailboats for sale and also books and manuals on building, sailboat maintenance and more.
Before sailing off alone be sure to do enough research to ensure the safely of all aboard. Stay away from areas that harbor pirates and have a plan in case of different types of disasters.

A sailboat is a boat propelled by sails. Thee are many types of sailboats but the most common and popular is the sloop. The sloop has two sails, one mast, normal mainsail and a foresail.
Other sailboat types include the cutter, which is similar to the sloop but carries the mast further aft. The catboat which has a single mast, and the Ketch that has a second shorter mast. The yawl is similar to the Ketch and the schooner can have several masts and can be quite large.

On this page you will find many for sale like the Macgregor, Catalina, Catamaran, Star and much more.

Used and New Sailboats Twenty Affordable Sailboats To Take You Anywhere A Tall Tale

I have always dreamed of sailing. It seemed a dream come true to be able to explore around the world in ones own boat and be free from the rat race of life. So I would watch from shore as the boats went by dreaming that someone I would be on one.

That day came at last when I was about 12 years of age. I was on the dock checking them out when I noticed a small Macgregor sloop, which was probably about 26 feet long.. The couple had just left it and had gone into a small shop close by. Without giving it much thought I slunk on board.

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Top photo found at: Wikipedia Encylopedia

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More Sailboats for Sale

Sailboats (all models)

Hunter Sailboats

Catalina Sailboats

Sunfish Sailboats

Catamaran Sailboats


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Sailboat Products and Parts

Build Your Own Sailboat

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Down below was a small living area and I frantically looked around for some place to hide. At the end was a couple of bunk beds and the covers on one of the top ones was messed as if someone has recently left them. Seeing this as a good place I climbed onto the bunk and pulled the covers over me with just my eyes peeking out.

Hearing noises I hunched down even flatter as I tried to make myself invisible. Suddenly it didn't seem as fun anymore. This adventure was getting a little stressful. I had not thought it out much and wondered if the owners were going far away and not just out for the day.

Feeling the movement of the boat I knew we were on our way. However I was trapped below and was really afraid to come out in case the couple would be mad at me. Maybe they would call the police and I would get into trouble big time. I could hear voices from on top and could hardly make out what they were saying but it seemed the couple were having a good time and were preparing to eat.

Suddenly I heard someone coming down to where I was. Holding my breath I could see a women bending over some bags and sorting through them. She was pulling out some food items and then headed back on top.

Now I was hungry too and needed to stretch my legs a bit. Deciding that they were busy on top I crept out of the covers and quietly made make way to the front the cabin to the bottom of the ladder. I cautiously looked around and upwards to see if anyone could see me from on top. It seems to be all right when suddenly I heard a yell and a man came jumping down the stairs. I was busted. In fright I jumped back and was prepared for flight or fight. However the man spoke kindly to me and asked me what I was doing. I told him that I had always dreamed of sailing and wanted to get the feel of it so stole away on his boat. By this time the women came down too and they invited me on top.

Much to my relief the couple was really nice and shared their lunch with me. They also headed back to the dock where they let me off with a promise that they would not report me as long as I never did that again. I assured them I would not and watched them head out to sea again.

I finally got my goal of sailing but now instead of sneaking on board I was determined to have my own boat. (The rest of the story will have to wait)

Susan Dietel
Web Programmer
Email: susansdesign@yahoo.com

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