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Shirley Temple Dolls

Shirley Temple Dolls

Shirley Temple dolls including Heidi, 1930's and More.

Shirley Temple was a child star movie actress. She started when she was only 3 years old, which I think is amazing. At three my only concern was probably mommy and daddy and what to eat. I could hardly talk on mature subjects much less memorize my lines and say them in front of the camera while dancing and singing. She was really talented!

Photo - Danbury Mint - Shirley Temple Movie Classics - Wee Willie Winkie

Shirley Temple made some great movies and two of my favorites are "Heidi" and "The Little Princess." In both she is really poor for a time but wonderful things happen and it is all right in the end. I was so excited when Heidi returns home to surprise her beloved grandpa and in the princess movie she actually finds her father alive after repeated searching of a local hospital...

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Heidi, Antique, Vintage and Original

Shirley Temple Dolls (all types)

Shirley Temple Dolls Heidi

Antique Shirley Temple Dolls

Vintage Shirley Temple Dolls

Original Shirley Temple Dolls


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Many products were made from these movies and one of the best were the Shirley Temple dolls. Now they are collector's items and can be found on this page. In 1958 thousands of dolls were sold beside other products like purses, hats and such. One of my favorite dolls is the one made for the movie, Heidi. The doll is dressed in a green and white dress with yellow flowers. She wears a white apron that has a flower design and a black strip across it with red and while flowers divided by green leaves. The dress is something that someone might wear in the Swiss Alps. You can find this in the list of dolls below.

The Shirley Temple doll was considered the most popular of any doll based on a celebrity. Since then many dolls are sold based on favorite actors and actresses but the Shirley Temple doll continues to be the best on record.

These dolls that were made with Composition were made from 1934 to 1939. Composition means made with sawdust wood material. These dolls are hard to find in good condition, as they were easy to damage because this type of material doesn't keep really well. However keeping looking as some dolls were not played with but put on display and handled really gentle.

Original, antique and vintage dolls. Including reproductions too. Find all types.

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