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Free Tatting Patterns

Antique Tatting Shuttles

Antique Tatting Shuttles Photo - Tatting Chic Antique Tatting Shuttles for Sale.

A tatting shuttle is used to turn lace into art. The shuttle is an object that has a pointed end or hook that hold the thread and enables you to craft it into beautiful lacy articles of clothing or doilies or anything that would look beautiful on your coffee table. Christmas ornaments can also be made from tatting lace.

Vintage shuttles are collector's items and are even collected by those who do not tat and know nothing about this craft. They are very pretty objects and will enhance any collection.

Shuttles are still used today but now a tatting needle can do the job too. However the finished lace will look a little different and some prefer the actual shuttle instead. Unique or old shuttles will make you stand out in the crowd and some like to collect the vintage wooden or celluloid ones. Gold shuttles are expensive but will really add to your collection and they will increase in value making this a great investment.

Antique Tatting Shuttles
Public Domain Photo The photo here shows a tatted lace collar. Notice the beautiful craftsmanship that a few knots of thread using a shuttle can produce.

On a side note. My grandmother used to make her own clothing and used a old foot pedal sewing machine. I never noticed if she tatted lace but would not be surprised if she did. She was very talented and I wish I had picked up her skills. My sewing fame was reduced to a class in high school where I managed to a make a dress. The dress looked pretty if you didn't examine it very closely. However upon close examination you would notice that the stitching was uneven and the lines a little wild. But I was proud of it at the time.

My best friend Sue, from college loved to knit and she was always sitting on the couch making something

pretty. She never got into tatting but if she did I suspect she would have been really good at it. One year she entered her knitting at the local fair and won a blue ribbon.

One summer her nephew came to visit and because he was bored he learned to knit. At that time he kept it a secret from other boys his age. Now however boys can get into crafts without too much trouble being under the finger of scorn from their peers. Both men and women are encouraged to try out activities that used to be considered only for a certain sex.

Antique and Vintage Tatting Shuttles

Antique Tatting Shuttles

Vintage Tatting Shuttles

Tatting Shuttles

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