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Wall Stencils

Wall stencils for Sale. Do it yourself or diy wall stencils. Bamboo wall stencil. Large Nursery,
Baby, Palm, Tuscan, Flower, Alphabet, Pumpkin and much more Wall Stencils.

Wall stencils for Sale Nursery Wall Mural - Farm Animal Wall Mural Self-adhesive Stencil Kit - Fun Nursery Decor

A wall stencil is a template used to draw or paint identical pictures on your walls. Using Stencils in art is also called pochoir.

Stencils are like a negative where you add the paint or whatever material you are using, then removing the stencil and the picture that you want is there.

A common part of DIY (Do it yourself) home decorating is putting pictures on your walls using stencils. Here you can find most any type you are looking for and decorate your rooms the way you want. You can apply the stencil with a paint or roller brush. They can be wall borders, trim or be the main design on your wall. Stencils are usually

made out of flexible plastic, but you can find them made out of many types of material like brass, vinyl etc...

Stencils were discovered in ancient cave painting where they used their hands as a stencil. The people applied paint or whatever material they had around their hand and when removed would show a hand print on the cave wall. It is possible the cave dwellers carved butterfly or other animals to use as stencils.
The first known book to be printed using stencils is the Bible.

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Wall Stencils

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