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When and How Will the World End Survival Gear How to Beat Depression

Survival Gear

You never know when an emergency may strike. Survival Gear, Kits.
Crank radios, TV's, flashlights and more. Survival knife, Food,
Equipment. Disaster Preparedness. Worse case Scenario.

Survival Gear, Kits.  Crank radios, TV's, flashlights and more Crisis Preparedness Handbook: A Complete Guide to Home Storage and Physical Survival

Are you ready for disaster to strike? You can see that natural and man made disasters are increasing and your area may be next.

To be ready you should have emergency survival gear, which you can find on this page. Also your home needs to be ready to be without power anytime of the year. Either a propane stove that can run without electricity or a wood stove would be the first thing on your list for your home. Then a good water source that you can use to drink and flush your toilets. If the water comes from a creek you can boil the water to sterilize it before drinking.

Next on your list would be a good generator so you can run what is important to you in your home like your TV, computer or refrigerator. Recommended survival gear should include a crank radio, flashlights and a cell phone charger. Many times the cell phone charger is sold with the crank radio and flashlight. Make sure you test the charger on your phone.

Survival knife, Food, Equipment.  Disaster Preparedness. Worse case Scenario. American Red Cross FR400 Emergency Crank Radio

Do you ready want to know when the world will end? If so, look at the featured link at the top of this page and you will find the site that will tell how the world will end.

This American Red Cross FR400 Emergency Crank Radio Gets AM, FM, TV, and weather channels--it will even charge your cell phone.

Disasters can be natural like such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, and severe thunderstorms, or manmade like chemical spills, release of radioactive materials and war.

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More Survival Gear, Kits and Equipment

Survival Gear

Survival Kits

Survival Food

Survival Seeds

Outdoor Survival

Survival Manual

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Heirloom Emergency Seeds and More

Check these Out

Survival Gear

Survival Kits

Crank Radios

Crank TV's

Crank Flashlights

Camping Gear

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook


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These disasters can be so severe that the general collapse of society could happen. There won't be electricity, fuel, food or water. At that time you will wish you were far away from the cities. Looting, killing and gangs will rule in the cities.

To be safe for any disaster you could buy a piece of inexpensive property and place a camper on it as a getaway. You could live there or use it for vacations and an emergency hideout. Oregon has some inexpensive land if you go to the eastern side around the Klamath Falls and Sprague River areas. Here you can find beautiful hideaways to set up your escape place. If you want to live there you can sell what you have and buy a place and make your living from the Internet. (To learn how, go to my profile and find the page called legitimate work from home jobs).

On this page you will find emergency preparedness supplies, kits, crank radios, flashlights and even TV's.

Bible Study on Last Day Events
Revelation 13

Survival Gear and Kits including Wilderness and Urban Survival, Food, Equipment, Seeds and much more. With natural and manmade disasters becoming more frequent the equipment and skills needed to survive become more important.

The basics are shelter, heat, water and food. If you live in the city be prepared for power outages and looting. Remember Hurricane Katrina. There was a shortage of basic supplies and looting was common. The escape routes were blocked by troops keeping everyone inside the city. Guns were taken away from the people making it hard to protect personal property.

Tips on how to Survive

After a disaster hits a city there is a little window of time, about two hours when it is possible to leave, after that it will be harder to escape because troops will be stationed to prevent folks from getting out and possibility looting the surrounding communities. The best thing is to leave the cities now before a disaster strikes and move to the country.

Find a home away from major Interstates. Looters will be following the major roads from the cities when things get bad. Examples of inexpensive places to buy would be around Klamath Falls Oregon, Priest River Idaho and northeast Washington State.

Made sure you can live off the grid with a wood stove, gas lamps, hand crank flashlights, radios and generators. Water needs to be available by a creek, spring or well with a hand pump. Survival Seeds that are non-hybrid should be used to plant your garden so that you can collect the seeds for the next planting season.

Some just can't leave the cities so survival gear and kits should be put together to survive short-term disasters. If you know that a big storm is coming that will threaten your electric power be prepared with buckets of water to use for drinking, cooking and flushing your toilets. You will probably need about 30 buckets filled with water to survive a week without power for four persons. Only flush the toilet when it is getting full, maybe a couple times a day. (made sure you have a plunger handy)

Include a camp stove with at least 20 canisters of propane to run it. This way you can cook your food. If you use it for warmth be sure to open a window so you won't be overcome with the gas. Have plenty of non-perishable food ready and be prepared to share it with others.

On this page you will find these including tips, kit, techniques, guide, disaster, skills, shelters, seed bank, outdoor, desert, schools, winter, shelter, school, manual and more.

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