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Toothbrush Rugs

Toothbrush Rugs, plus instruction on how to make them. Patterns and Pictures too.
Tutorial, instructions and directions. Best tool and video. Plus find some for sale.

Toothbrush Rugs Ten years ago I made my first toothbrush rug. I was living in Montana at the time and have been making them ever since. This hobby is fun and easy to learn and there is a good market out there for these items.

One time I was walking through town window shopping when I saw the most beautiful rug hanging in a shop window.

I went in the shop and bought Aunt Philly's plastic tool and was given some quick instructions on how to make toothbrush rugs. I then went to the local Goodwill and obtained some colorful bed sheets for a couple of dollars. I went home and in no time had my own beautiful toothbrush rug.

Toothbrush rugs are made from two inches strips of material using a toothbrush with the top cut off and the material is strung through the hole in the end. They have a weave look and are very durable. I use colors that give the rugs an antique and vintage look.

I made quite a few rugs and started to sell them in local shops. Ten years later I still sell them and they also make a wonderful gifts for my family and friends.

These rugs are easy to make and children can easily learn this craft. The plastic "Aunt Philly's toothbrush" tool is easy to maneuver for tiny hands and even hands that are arthritic.

To begin making a round toothbrush rug you want to take two strips of material about arms length and two inches wide. Cut a hole in the end of each strip and join the two strips of material together {directions below on You Tube video}.
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Check out these Toothbrush Rugs and Instructions

Toothbrush Rugs

Toothbrush Rug Patterns

Toothbrush Rug Tutorial


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Then you take a safety pin and pin the two strips of material {where they are joined together} to your pants above your knee. This will keep strips in place until you make a small circle. One strip of material will be the runner and the other will be the strip that you work with.

Go under the runner and then come back through with the main strip and put it through the loop that is the main runner. Don't tighten too tight. Make five of these loops and then form into a circle and continue around until you reach desired size. I realize that toothbrush rug making is easier learned by watching so I added a You Tube module for more instructions so be sure to view.

Pictured are some bed sheets that I obtained from Goodwill, Salvation Army and rummage sales. Goodwill always has a 50% discount sale on a different colored price tag each week of the month. You can find king, queen and twin sheets half price for about $2.00 each.

I try to choose the sheets that are colorful with interesting designs. You can also use curtains, any scrap material, tee-shirts, old clothes and even plastic bags. Finding attractive material that is inexpensive is easy and is half the fun of making rag rugs.

Be sure to use the same type of material when making your rug. If you start with cotton, use cotton for the entire rug. If you use polyester use it for the entire rug. When washed and dried the rug will not shrink unevenly.

Toothbrush Rugs   Toothbrush Rugs

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