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Trumpet Snails

Trumpet Snails for Sale. Malaysian Trumpet Snail Information and Sales. Malasian
Trumpet Snails reproduction and supplies. Aquarium Snails for Sale.

Trumpet Snails for Sale Trumpet Snail - Public Domain Photo

The Trumpet Snail is a small freshwater snail. It is a warm water species that makes excellent aquarium snails. They clean up your fish tank but the down side is that they can become a danger to native snail populations so don't let your snail get into the wild.

Trumpet Snails have an elongate, conical shell, light brown with rust-colored or greenish spots. The females are greenish and will produce eggs that are then transferred to a brood pouch until they hatch. They multiply quickly, which will temp some to dump the excess trumpet snails in outdoor streams, but resist the temptation and find other ways to keep the population down. Maybe adding a turtle would help to add balance to your aquarium.

Trumpet Snails are know to carry parasites which are harmful to people. You might be safer to buy Mystery Snails for your aquarium.

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Aquarium Snails

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