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When and How Will the World End Toys Made in USA How to Beat Depression

Toys Made in USA, American Made Toys

American Made Toys. Find Safe Made in USA Toys. American Made Toys.
Top Quality Toys Made in the USA. Made in America.

American Made Toys

Made in USA - Noah's Ark Puzzle
"Full color 20-piece jigsaw puzzle.
Made from 1/4" birch plywood.
Done in a non -toxic clear finish and durable inks.
Image sits inside an 8" x 10" frame.
Ages 3+"

Find Safe Made in USA Toys. The Little Engine That Could - Wooden Train
"It's the train that's kept rolling since 1930. The train that continues to teach us all the power of positive thinking. The train that made the phrase "I think I can, I think I can" a permanent part of our American lexicon. It's The Little Engine That CouldTM, and now you can do more than read about it. Because your friends at Whittle Shortline Railroad are proud to introduce The Little Engine That CouldTM wooden toy trains. All Whittle Shortline trains are hand crafted and hand painted in the USA (with lead free paint), and are ThomasTM and BrioŽ compatible. BrioTM and ThomasTM are registered trademarks of their respective corporations."

Parents of young children from the USA want to buy toys that are made in the United States. This will better ensure quality and safety. Many toys that are made in China and some other places can contain lead and other hazardous materials that could harm your child. The US has national toy standards that have to be met to prevent accidents and accidental poisoning.

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Click here to find a lot more Toys made in the USA!
Toys made in the USA

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Even with the precautions there are about 200,000 US children treated in the emergency rooms from toy related incidents so parents can't be to careful. Common sense is a factor in choosing a toy for your child. Make sure there are not small loose parts that can be choked on by small children and keep the older children's toys under close watch. Then making sure your toy is American made will reduce the chance that their toy will harm your child.

As of 2008 the United States passed a new law that lowers even farther the amount of lead and other hazardous materials that can be in a toy. This law is probably the toughest toy measure in the world.

China has improved since 2007 because they were losing business, as parents from other countries became afraid to buy toys made from there. Refusing to buy from countries that put profit over safety can result in major changes for the better. It is still safer to buy American made toys by parents who live here so this is why this page was made.

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