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Vintage Car Signs

Vintage Classic and Antique Car Signs for Sale.
Metal and Tin Automobile Vintage Car Signs too.

Vintage Car Signs

Old classic & vintage car signs are really popular and will enhance any collection. They also look great for your home and shop. There are many to be found on this page and pictures too.

This vintage Woody car sign in this photo is from the days when some vehicles had wooden sides. This dates back to the 1930's when it was considered the highest style to have the passenger part of the car made from hardwood.

Of course when your vehicle is made partly from wood it won't be as durable as metal and needs more maintenance so this style soon lost it popularity and now you don't see them anymore.
However these made great collectors items today if you can find one in good shape. The vehicle would have to be kept in a garage and out of the elements to have lasted this long.

Vintage Car Signs

Classic Volkswagen Signs would enhance any home or shop. I can remember when we were kids and had a Volkswagen of our own. Even though there was six of us we could all fit inside as long as we squeezed together. We took trips to the beach and had fun outings. However as we continued to grow up this car became to small and we had to get something bigger.

Now this is an automobile (talking about the station wagon) you don't see much today. The old station wagon was loved by large families and we had one growing up. Notice that this sign (not shown here) above says, "The Ultimate Grocery Getter." It did have a lot of room but was so long that it took up a lot of space in your driveway. These have been replaced by the mini van today.

However I still see them around. As I go on my daily walks I see an old brown and white station wagon zipping pass me most everyday. There is always one driver, an older gentleman who once stopped and asked me if I wanted a ride. I wonder why he drives such a large automobile when there is only one of him and I don't see any cargo in it as he goes by. It must that he got a good deal on it so decided to use it. The good deal may not be so great when you factor in the cost of gas it would take for this station wagon to stay on the road.
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Check out these Vintage Car Signs

Vintage Car Signs

Classic Car Signs

Antique Car Signs


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Check out these Reproduction Vintage Car Signs


Check these Out

This Mini Austin sign would look nice anywhere. I don't see these very often and since they are made in Britain it would not be common to see them here in the United States. This is considered a classic in Britain even though it was produced up until 2000.

This vehicle is most always a two door no matter how long it is. It just has more space in the back for passengers and supplies. It was first produced in 1959.

Honest Jonathan Vintage Auto Sales, Every Deal a Fair Deal" Is what this sign says above. Just the old fashioned look gives the impression that you can trust this auto salesman and that is what is intended. Hopefully whoever uses this sign will really be honest and fair to their customers.

The antique car in this photo looks odd. There are three ladies inside and it makes you wonder who is driving. The one in the front is facing toward the back. Maybe this antique can be driven from the rear? If you have any information on this you are welcome to let us know in the comments below.

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