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When and How Will the World End vintage How to Beat Depression knitting Plus Size Knitting Patterns

Barbie Knitting Patterns

Vintage Knitting Patterns

Vintage Knitting Patterns for Sale. Find old McCalls magazine knitting patterns too.
Including Christmas, Retro and Babies. Books too.

Vintage Knitting Patterns Vintage Knitting Patterns are fun to use. Make something retro that will look great and be so chic! So Many to Choose from.

Vintage Knitting Patterns come in all sizes and types. Making something retro adds to the fun and is always in style.

The women in this 1904 photo is enjoying her craft. You can tell from the style of dress and the way she is knits with a big ball of yarn that it is something from the past. People dressed so much more modest back then. It would be good if people would do the same today.

Look at these old retro projects below. It is fun to thumb through these old magazines and image what I would order if I could get them today at the same prices as back then.

Numbers three and four look like men's ties. Your husband would have to be very patient and good humored to wear one of these. However he would get a lot of attention and questions asked. It would advertise his wife's skill if he could overcome the hurtle of the embarrassment of it all.

Check out these Vintage Knitting Patterns

Vintage Knitting Patterns

Retro Knitting Patterns

Vintage Knitting Patterns for Babies

Vintage Knitting Patterns for Christmas


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Check these Out

The photo above is my favorite for this page. The kids look so cute and are holding hands so they are probably brother and sister. This reminds me of my childhood. My brother and I were really close and loved to play together most of the time. The kids here even look similar to us and he was just a year and one half older than me.

I enjoyed the things he did like catching fish and other critters that we would keep for awhile or to add to our fish tank. We had many adventures together.

The photo above shows wide selection of retro projects that were for sale probably in the 1950 to 1960's range.

There is another cute brother and sister set plus some great retro outfits that you might have a hard time finding today.
I like the one that has the hearts on it. However I would wear something that would not be see through below it. You can see right through and that would not be modest at all.

Sometimes it can be hard to find something modest to wear but with good sewing skills you can adjust most any outfit to become modest with out losing its chic look.

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