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Scamp Travel Trailers

Scamp Travel Trailers for Sale. Used Scamp Campers, Trailers, RV's. Scamp
Camping Trailer Parts and more.

Scamp Travel Trailers for Sale 19' Scamp Fiberglass 5th Wheel Camper The Scamp Travel Trailer comes in three sizes. The 13, 16 and 19 feet in length. Each size can be outfitted with deluxe walls made of real oak or birch hardwood siding. You can choose to include air conditioning, awnings, furnaces and more.

The 13" Scamp camper is great for four people. The sofa changes into bunk beds and the dinning area becomes a double bed. It comes with brown upholstery and you can choose brown or blue cushions and curtains. It has fiberglass cabinets and wood panel doors.

The 16" Scamp RV also sleeps four people but offers more space and storage. You can choose two bathrooms and showers if needed.

The 19" Scamp Travel Trailer is the largest with a queen bed in the loft. You will have much more room and this would be a good option if you wan to live in your Scamp full time. You can travel around the country or buy some beautiful property and set up you mini home for the fraction of the cost of a regular home.

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If you can't find the Scamp Travel Trailer you are searching for, keep checking back. New ones come in all the time.

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Scamp Travel Trailers are sturdy and light-weight, and this makes them simple to tow and maneuver. Smaller vehicles may tow scamp trailers, which makes them more desirable because you might be able to use the car you already have. Because of the light-weight material in construction the Scamp Travel Trailer is more fuel-efficient and cheaper to own then most other RV's

This tiny camper comes in 3 sizes. 13, 16, and 19 feet . It depends on what your plans are and the size you need. There are many options when buying new. You can choose your trailer wall materials, which include real oak or birch hardwoods. Other choices can are furnaces, air-conditioning and much more.

A Tall Tale:
My Scamp camper was parked outside where I usually keep it in front of my home. One day I decided to get it ready for a camping trip and went out to stock it with supplies. Going inside everything was fine but when I went to get the propane tanks to fill them I got a unpleasant surprise. They were all rusted out. These were not that old so how could they get into such a bad state so quickly?

Investigating farther I suddenly came to the realization that these were not my tanks. Someone have stolen my original ones and replaced them with junk. Calling the police would not have any good results since I could not really prove it and didn't know how long ago this had happened. My last camping trip was over six months ago and it could have happened anytime since then. The thieves were smart and replaced the tanks so that I would not notice them missing until I examined them.

Well I bought two new ones to replace them. They were not very expensive and I knew I was lucky the theft didn't take anything more. They could have stolen the whole camper. However I knew I needed to do something to make things more secure once I got back.

My camping trip went well and gave me time to think. Upon my return I approached my friendly neighbor. He had a large back yard and a big black dog that sounded really mean. I asked him if I could rent a tiny space in his backyard and put my camper there. He was happy to help me out and had a nice wide gate to make it easy to back it in.

Now my camper was safer and the mean sounding dog was actually real friendly once he knew who you were. The problem was solved and I had a key to his gate. Now I could sleep better at night knowing that my tanks and other things from the camper would be all right. The theft would have to live with what he had done and it would be on his conscious until he repented while my mind was free.

On this page you will find these for Sale. Plus manuals, parts and scamp products. Trailers, RV's. Camping Trailer Parts and more.

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