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Aquarium Plants

Aquarium Plants. Live Aquarium Plants for Sale. Freshwater and Saltwater Plants. Fresh Water
and Salt Water Plants and Information and Care. Live Aquarium Plant Lighting and Guide.
Live, Plastic, Silk Aquarium Plants.

Live Aquarium Plants for Sale Aquarium or aquatic plants give the fish tank a more pleasing and natural appearance besides oxygenating the water and giving a place for the smaller fish to hide. Some fish will nibble at the plants, which enhances their nutrition. It seems to be a win win situation to add Aquarium plants.

I always love having live plants in my fish tank. It gives the fish and snails something green to nibble on and adds oxygen to the water. Most of the plants I used were the pond fonds that you can find growing wild in outdoor ponds.

My husband and I were canoeing with some friends and the small lake we were boating in was just full of these aquatic plants. If I had an aquarium at the time I might have pulled up some of the plants for my own. It would have been fun to see what creatures I would have added to my tank. I enjoy a wild fish tank with local fish and critters that can be found in local ponds and creeks.

Photo - Bolbitis heudelotii, one of hundreds of aquatic plants found in the Aquarium hobby. - Public Domain Photo

The only disadvantage is when you clean your fish tank. Cleaning your tank usually means removing all the fish, snails and plants then using a hose to thoroughly rinse the gravel and clean the sides. With plants the cleaning of the aquarium can be more challenging. The water can be carefully removed to give fresh and to clean the sides without disturbing the plants but then you can't clean the gravel. Some common Aquarium plants that are found in local pet shops and ponds can be removed and replanted without hurting the plant.
On this page you will find both live and fake plastic plants. Find Aquarium plant food, bulbs, sales, refugium, low light, reef, silk, plastic

Live Aquarium Plants

Find more Aquarium Plants (plastic and silk) and Information about them here:

Aquarium Plants

Aquarium Plant Care

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