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Antique and Old Bottles

Antique and Old Bottles for Sale and Price Guide. Collecting and Identification of Antique and Old Bottles.
Glass, Milk, Antique and Old Bottles. Identify Antique and Old Bottles Pricing List. Collectors of Antique
and Old Bottles will find many Sources Here.

Antique and Old Bottles for Sale and Price Guide.
Codd Neck bottles - Public Domain Photo

Antique and Old Bottles for Sale plus guides for pricing and identifying these antiques, which includes milk bottles, glass and much more. Identify Bottles Pricing List. Collectors of these vintage bottles will find many Sources Here.

Bottles are commonly made from glass, clay, plastic aluminum and some other materials and are used to hold everything from liquids to pills. Some of the oldest bottles were made in China and Rome.

Codd neck bottles were made with a marble to block the flow of liquid when the bottle was turned up side down.
So many of the jars were broken to get the marble that they have become very rare and popular with collectors.

On a side note:
My grandmother used to break the glass jars and that got a small chip or any imperfection but later regretted it because some of them would have been worth something later. Many times something that we don't value today is worth something tomorrow.

One time as I was hiking out in the hills I came across an old dump. It had old metal toys and bottles that probably would be worth something. I didn't take anything but sometimes wonder if this dump has been discovered. I never

Glass, Milk, Antique and Old Bottles
Antique Trader Bottles Identification and Price Guide

went back because I moved from the area.
However there must be more places where at one time was discarded junk that may be valuable now. I have a friend who goes around to yard sales and flea markets. She picks up stuff that she can sell for several times the amount she bought them for.

She rents a space in a couple of antique shops to sell her items and can almost make a living doing this. The trick to doing something like this is to know what things are worth. This takes practice and time. A short cut would be to work closely with someone who knows their stuff and give them help in trade for knowledge.

On this page you will find books with price guides, values and identification. Avon, glass baby, perfume and vases and more.

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Antique and Old Bottles

Antique and Old Bottles Price Guides

Antique and Old Bottles Identification

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My grandmother always regretted smashing her old canning jars whenever they had a slight problem. She would smash them and throw them away until she found out that they might be worth something, especially the green and blue ones.

I also regret leaving some old bottles that I had found at a deserted dump a few years ago. They would have been hard to carry but I think now I would have made the effort or planned to return with a couple of bags. You just never know what collector's might want and like the old saying goes, your junk may be someone else's treasure.

I was out hiking one day and came across a small dump. There were old bottles and toys lying around in a deserted place. I should have returned with a couple of bags but the place was hard to get to and so I never returned. I sometimes wonder if anyone has ever found the place.

The photo here shows codd neck bottles. These were made with a marble in the neck to block liquid from pouring out when the bottle was turned upside down. These jars are pretty rare because so many would break them to get the marble out.

These antique ones in the above photos are really nice and would add value to anyone's collection. I have a friend who knows all about these antiques and could tell what each one was worth. Without her help I would have to look them up in a price guide book. Without the knowledge of what type of bottle they are you can't just look them up in eBay.

Bottles are fun to collect and can bring in some money when you know the values of them. Be informed about your collection.

I can still remember putting in coins in the machine and out would drop a cold 7-Up or something similar. There was a place to pop off the cap and then the fun of drinking the cool liquid on a hot day that was so refreshing. Now it is hard to find them in glass, only cans. Cans have an advantage in that they are more easily recyclable but glass can be too despite the extra weight.

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