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Collectible Toy Cars

Collectible Toy Cars for Sale. These include both antique and vintage.
Find cool cast iron or metal collector toy cars plus prices and value.

Collectible Toy Cars
Photo used under Creative Commons from tiffany terry

Antique and Vintage Toy Cars. Some are diecast and others wooden. Hot Wheels and trucks are great collectors items too.

On this page you will find many of these old toy cars for sale. Collectors will find many models to choose from. The 1960's were a great time when the best toy cars came out. The plastic models really took off then and collectors in that time bought them up. Now they are worth a good amount and still can be found.

Some of the models that can be found here are diecast, Hot Wheels and trucks too. Racing toy cars are also really popular. It could be that the folks who collect these want to regain the happiness they felt as children when they were playing with their toys without a care in the world.

The value of these old toys has risen especially during the 1990's when collectors began to collect them big time. Some of these collections come onto the market and gives someone a chance to own some of these rare models. However there are still treasures to be found in attics and even some remote and forgotten dumps.

Cool Toy Cars

Collectible Toy Cars

Antique Toy Cars

Vintage Toy Cars


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Retro Antique & Vintage Toy Cars

The first toy cars were made out of plaster, iron and tin. The ones featured in this photo are made out of tin and would enhance any collection.

Some models were made from wood or even clay and sellers of real size autos many times would make a model of some of their best cars to promote sales.
These collectible toy cars are worth a lot today if found in mint condition.

One time I was hiking in a remote area and found an old dump. There were several metal toy cars lying around that I should have picked up. At that time I didn't want to carry them out and thought I might go back with a bag to carry them. Of course I never made it back there and wonder if they are still laying there waiting to be discovered by some other lucky hiker.

Then another place I have seen these antique toys was in my grandmother's house. Along the walls in one of the bedrooms was place where the lower wall could be opened and there were treasures inside including several toy cars and trucks. I don't know what became of these toys. Probably my dad cleaned them out and sold them. However there is a chance that they are still there and no one has discovered them yet.

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