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Piper Aircraft Parts

Piper Aircraft Parts. New and Used Piper Aircraft Parts, Manuals and Information.

Piper Aircraft Parts
Piper PA-32-RT-300T Turbo Lance II
Fixing up your Piper aircraft and need a part? If so this is one of the best places to find the parts you need. Piper Aircraft is one of three major aircraft builders. The other two are Beechcraft and Cessna.

The name "Piper" came from the oil rich William T. Piper who bought the aircraft company in 1930 for only $761.00. Originally called Taylor Brothers Aircraft Corporation the Aircraft Company was filling for bankruptcy so was willing to sell cheap. William Piper got a good deal.

In the early 90's the company was renamed "New Piper Aircraft." The new name came after Piper Aircraft

shut down for a while due to totally out of control insurance premiums. After new legislation was passed limiting the amount of liability Piper was back in business again. In 2006 the Piper Company dropped the "New" from its title back to Piper Aircraft again.

Piper Aircraft was sold June 2009 to a business based in Singapore making the owners of Piper Aircraft a profit of US 31 million. Quite a good profit from the original $761.00 amount used to buy the company.

On this page you will find Piper Aircraft Parts for sale.

Piper Aircraft Parts

Find more Piper Aircraft Products here:

Piper Aircraft

Piper Aircraft Manuals

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