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Scooters for Sale

Scooter Store. Scooters for Sale. New and Used Scooters. Scooter Manuals,
Repair, Ramps, Batteries, Tires. Motor, Electric, Gas, Moped, Razor, Scooters.
Mobility Scooters.

Scooters for Sale. Piaggio X9 Scooter

Are gas prices to high for your finances? A Scooter may be the answer to your needs. You can go for miles with just a couple gallons of gas. The drawback for driving one of these in the northern states is bad weather and cold conditions but for about 7 months out of the year you can save a lot of money in gas by driving one of these to work. In warm states you can use a scooter most of the year.

The scooter is like a scaled down quiet motorcycle. Many have a step through frame and small engine. There are many types of scooters, so be sure to do your research before buying one. They have manual and automatic transmissions, small or large wheels, lots of storage or none. It depends on what you are using it for and if you need room to store groceries or luggage.

In Asia there are more scooters sold then cars. Their low cost and maintenance combined with the ease of driving one through crowded streets make this an attractive option to an automobile. After World War II the Japanese manufactures that produced war aircraft were forbidden to manufacture them anymore so they turned their attention to making scooters. This also helped scooter production to boom. However since 2000, scooter sales in the United States have doubled. The increased popularity and the high gas prices have driven scooter sales to new highs.

New and Used Scooters 2007 Scooter 150cc Moped Motorcycle 85

German aviation was also shut down and one company, Heinkel, stayed afloat by making bicycles and mopeds. This helped the scooter industry to become popular there.

Large maxi scooters have become popular. They have large engines that range from 250 cc up to 839 cc's. These look closer to a motorcycle but still get really good gas mileage.

On this page you will find many scooters for sale including the cheap razor scooter, electric, gas, mobility. Motor, Segway Scooters. New and used scooters.

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