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When and How Will the World End geo Used Hybrid Cars metro How to Beat Depression

Geo Metro Cars, Manuals, Parts for sale

Geo Metro Cars and Parts for Sale. Geo Metros has the best Gas mileage around.
Find Parts and Cars, Repair, Service, Shop Manuals for the Geo Metro.
1989 - 2001

Geo Metro Cars and Parts for Sale 1991 Geo Metro LSI

Do you love the small Geo Metro? If so this is one the best places to find one. My husband and I have one and a couple of times each year he will drive one back from Arizona where he has a brother who helps him find the cars and resells them here in Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin cars rust out real quick because of the salt used on the roads during the winter so finding a Geo Metro in good shape is hard. The ones my husband brings back from Arizona sell really well here. People looking for a car that get excellent gas mileage, (around 45-58 miles per gallon) and are rust free makes the Geo Metro from down south/west a excellent deal.

More Geo Metro and Parts

Geo Metro (all years)

Geo Metro Parts


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Find Geo Metro Cars

More Geo Metro Products

Geo Metro Repair, Service, Shop Manuals

Geo Metro Engines

geo metro

Commissions Earned


Geo Metros were produced by Chevrolet from 1989 to 2001. The body style has changed several times from 2 door, convertible, 3-door hatchback, 4-door sedan and the 5-door hatchback. Another model called the Suzuki Swift is real similar to the Geo and is still being sold in Japan and Europe.

Instead of an expensive hybrid or other fuel-efficient car you can purchase an inexpensive little car like the Geo Metro and do just as well. For those who live in areas that use winter salt on the roads need to get one from places that do not. Otherwise your car will be all rusted out.

Our Adventure

One time I went down to Arizona to visit my husband's family and to bring back a white Geo Metro. The visit went well and my husband's brother who had a shop where it could be fixed up for the long trip back to Wisconsin had already bought the car for us. We had an arrangement where he bought the car and we paid the money back to him with a little extra for a commission.

The car was readied for the trip and we started out. About half way home the car started to make funny noises and my husband checked it over but it was nothing he could fix on the road.

I was praying hard that the car would make it back home before breaking down. However two hours from home the car died. The water ran out of the radiator and we had to stop immediately. Right beside us was an exit and my husband took it and stopped as soon as he could. It was about 8 pm, dark and freezing and with the car not running the temperature was dropping fast inside. We didn't have a phone with us either.

Did God let us down? No! The exit that we quickly turned on was the one leading to my husband's brother's place and he lived about half and hour from where we were broke down. Also a truck was parked along side of the exit road and the driver was running his truck engine and checking something out. My husband quickly hurried over to the truck and asked the driver if he could use his phone. The driver was happy to oblige and it was probably not more then another half an hour before my brother in law showed up to pull us to his place. We ended up staying there for a couple of days while my husband fixed the car and we got another visit to the relatives out of the car trip.

It was amazing how God worked! He doesn't always get us out of trouble but may help us through it instead. Our car lasted just long enough to get us to an exit where we could get fast help. He also provided a way to make the needed phone call. We need to always call to Him and make Him first in our lives.

Susan Dietel
Web Programmer
Email: susansdesign@yahoo.com

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