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When and How Will the World End vintage Vintage and Antique Snowmobiles SLEDS How to Beat Depression

Vintage Sleds

Antique and Vintage Sleds for sale. Here are some treasures from the past.
Whether you want a wooden or metal sled you should be able to find what you are looking for.
Old wood, sled. Retro Flexible Flyer can be found in classifieds or ebay from this page. Vintage sledders.

Vintage Sled Photo used under Creative Commons from Pamla J. Eisenberg

I can remember sledding down a hill on an old sled of some sort close to my home when I was a child about ten years old. I never forgot it because on the way down my sled hooked onto a tree or something and suddenly stopped. Of course I did not stop and it felt like I was flying. If it weren't for the hard landing I would have thoroughly enjoyed myself.

We didn't have fancy gear for sledding and just used whatever we could. It could be something antique or even a piece of cardboard. Whatever made you slid we used it.

Old inner tubes also worked to get us down the hill and once again I experience the feeling of flying, this time in a group as a bunch of us riding down a large inner tube took to the air when it got caught on something. Lucky for us the snow was soft.

This photo is of a card for Valentine's Day. It was made in 1906 and shows a nice couple with the man pushing his girlfriend in an antique sled.

Old Sleds for Sale

Vintage Sleds

Antique Sleds


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More Antique and Vintage Sleds

Check out these Vintage Sled Reproductions


The photo above shows a vintage postcard with two cute kids out enjoying the snow. In those days you might use a toboggan to carry a load of wood or food for the farm animals.

I have used one myself to haul straw and dog food during the winter months when I used to have a dog kennel. I also had chickens and unloading a car would have been harder without something that would slid through the snow from the car to the storage building I used to store all my feed.

This photo above reminds me of the stories my dad used to tell me about when they were kids. If I remember it right they had to walk several miles to school and back. My dad was the oldest and he and my uncle used to pull their younger sister through the snow using a sled.

This photo is dated sometime between 1910 and 1930 and was taken around New Jersey. The kids look like someone is pulling them and the one in front is holding a book. So my guess is that they are heading to school. Since the one in the back looks to young for school I would guess that the mother is the one pulling and the youngest child is along because no one is home to watch her.

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