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Parrot Cages, Training & Supplies

Parrot Cages, Training, Teach your Parrot to Talk. Parrot Supplies, Perches, Videos,
DVD's Breeding, Diet, Food and more. African Grey Parrot. Macaw, Senegal,
Amazon Parrots. Cockatoos.

Parrot Cages, Training, Teach your Parrot to Talk Feathered Phonics Teach Your Parrot Series DVD 1

There are about 350 species of birds in the parrot family. These are divided into two groups, the true parrots and the cockatoos. Cockatoos are different from the true parrots in that they have a feather crest on their heads. There are other differences like having a gall bladder.

What other parrots use instead of a gall bladder is puzzling but they must be able to get along without one. The terms "true parrot" isn't used by the general public so using this term might be confusing to most.

Parrots are really intelligent and with the right training and care make wonderful pets. If you are interested in breeding them and can figure out how to raise the more expensive types of the parrots you can make a good profit. The trick might be to mimic conditions similar to their original wild roots and make a jungle environment for them to raise a family in.

Parrot Supplies, Perches, Videos, DVD's Breeding, Diet, Food and more Polly's Pleasures Victorian Wrought Iron Bird Cage 32 X 23

In the wild parrots will usually find holes in the trees to nest in, while in captivity nest boxes are used. To get a reluctant bird to raise young a nest box made to mimic a hole in a tree might be tried to encourage the birds to reproduce.

Parrots come from warmer climates like South American, Australia and Africa. The parrot's habitats are declining and several parrots have become extinct. A breeding program might be needed for some of the more declining species.

Parrots usually eat seeds, fruit, nectar and pollen. Some might eat small critters if they can catch them, but most eat a vegetarian diet. The best talking parrots are the African Grey Parrots.

On this page you will find cages and supplies for many types of pet parrots. Training books and DVD's for African Grey parrots plus accessories for Amazon, blue, Congo, Furreal, green, Hyacinth Macaw, Quaker, red, Senegal parrot. Find Parrot cage, food, toy, toys, training, videos, Squakers and more. Teach your parrot to talk using one of the books or DVD's offered.

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