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Studebaker Cars & Trucks For Sale, Parts, Manuals

Studebaker used Cars and Trucks for Sale. Studebaker Parts, Service,
Shop, Repair Manuals. Studebaker Cars and Trucks for all years 1897 - 1966.

Studebaker used Cars and Trucks for Sale 1951 Studebaker 2R5 Pickup Truck Poster

Do you love the old Studebaker cars and trucks? If so this page has Studebaker's for Sale besides service manuals and parts.

Studebaker made wagons and cars in the United States and was based in South Bend Indiana. The company started out making wagons and as they became obsolete jumped in the auto making business in 1902. Their first cars were electric before changing over to gasoline in 1904. If they had stayed with electric cars they could have helped lead the country to non-polluting vehicles, but at that time who could foresee that gas would become troublesome.

In 1925 Studebaker became the first auto maker in the United States to have a outdoor proving ground where they drove the cars around to test them. They also planted 5, 000 pine trees, which had a pattern that spelled out "Studebaker" that could be seen from the air.

Studebaker used Cars and Trucks for Sale 1927 Owner's Manual Studebaker and Erskine Cars

In the 1940's and 50's Studebaker cars and trucks were made of such quality that modern collectors wish they could go back in time and get some of these vehicles right from the factory. But than you can still find these old Studebakers in excellent condition if you look around. Finally Studebaker closed its doors in 1963 because sales were poor, but the company still had a facility in Canada which produced vehicles until 1966.

Some of the most popular Studebaker vehicles are the 1920's models which include the Studebaker Light Four, Big Six, Special Six and Light Six. The 1927 Studebaker coupe was probably the most sought after. The 1955 Studebaker model was popular for drag racing and these old fifties cars are still hot today. Other popular models are the Studebaker Avanti,Golden Hawk, Lark, and the trucks...

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Studebaker Cars

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