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Antique & Vintage Canisters

Antique and Vintage Canisters for Sale. Here you will find glass, sets, tin,
kitchen, Tupperware, tea and coffee Canisters. Many to choose from.

Antique & Vintage Canisters

Canisters are a practical and useful way to store flour, sugar, tea and coffee and have been around for hundreds of years. Pottery canisters were used by our ancestors thousands of years ago and little has changed in design.

Storing food in airtight containers that stack up on a shelf is not only attractive, it helps to preserve food and is easy to find when you are ready to cook.

The flour canister and the sugar are usually the largest of the four. The coffee canisters and the tea canisters are usually smaller versions of the large ones.

Canisters are still used and are a popular seller in my vintage-antique booths. The sets that I sell the most are the ones that have unusual colors, designs and in good condition. Recently the most popular canisters are orange or yellow. Green is another color that is really liked.

Antique and Vintage Canisters for Sale

Antique Canisters

Vintage Canisters


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Canisters have recently regained popularity. Vintage canisters are a popular kitchen décor and look great lined up on top of a refrigerator or a cupboard.

I have several antique booths in my area and have sold numerous sets of canisters. When I am out and about as a picker I never hesitate to pick up more sets when I find them. I especially like the vintage wooden brown canisters and the vintage Tupperware canisters.

Here are the things you should be careful about when getting your own set.

How many are in the set? Is any missing?
Are there any missing lids?
What does the color look like? any fading if painted or are there scratches?
Dented, bent so lid wont fit or cracked
Will this set fit on top of my cupboard or shelf?
Is the writing or labels still intact or legible?

For collectors these canisters will look nice behind glass or in your kitchen. Your guests will admire the sets that you use in your kitchen or if you have them on a shelf somewhere.

There are also reproductions for those who want to have the look but can't afford the real thing. Reproductions can be really nice and give your kitchen the old fashioned look that you desire.

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Web Programmer
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