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Antique and Vintage Marbles

Antique and Vintage Marbles Public Domain Photo

Marbles are made from different materials like glass, steel, clay, agate or stone. They came in many sizes and most are for play but some of the especially large glass ones are made only for exhibition.

Collecting marbles is a fun pastime and some of the antique or vintage ones can be worth a bit of money. As a child I never played the traditional game of marbles but would make cities out of brightly colored blocks and the marbles were the "people" that lived in those cities. The marble people would then have all kinds of adventures. I could play this game for hours.

The history of marbles dates back to ancient Pakistan. The oldest marbles ever found were made from stone and were discovered near the river Indus.
In 1846 a German glass blower figured out a way to make marbles from glass and this started the mass production of them all over the world. In the United States clay marbles were made in the 1890's and...

A Lot More Antique and Vintage Marbles Here

Antique Marbles

Vintage Marbles

Rare Marbles


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Check these Antique Ones

Identification, Values and Price Guides. Orange marbles here too.

are collector's items today.
Marble collecting has become more popular then ever and some can be worth several hundreds of dollars. Size, type, age, style, condition and other factors are how antique marbles are graded. Eye appeal is a big component in grading vintage marbles. If your marble is beautiful it generally is worth more than an ugly one.

On this page you will find them for sale. Also books on finding or identify the value and prices (price guides) of these rare collectible marbles. If you are a marble collector you will find plenty to buy here on the different Amazon and eBay modules. Many types of wanted handmade small or large ones can be found here. All about the history of them too. Orange and Rainbow 916.

As a child I remember playing with my siblings and exploring the woods behind our home. In the woods was an old dirt road that was overgrown with brush. Walking along it we found a large slab of marble. It seems I can remember wondering if marbles could be made out of this rock. Looking at the history of marbles the answer is yes, they used to be how they were made. Now most are made from glass but all are beautiful to have and to hold in your hands.
Marbles never seem to lose their popularity and each generation discovers the pretty colors and find ways of using them in games or just to display.

I love old marbles and enjoy the pretty colors and as a child played with them often. Each marble was a person in my personal games and I had blocks that made walled towns and my "people" would have all kinds of adventures.

This photo shows a collection of mostly shooters. A shooter is used in the game of marbles to hit another marble to try to win. I didnít use my marbles that way and rarely played a "real" game with them. Mine were mainly used as I said above as people in made belief stories that I would make up as a child.

Now vintage marble collecting is very popular and some are worth good money. When you check out eBay most of them have bids on them. This ad to the right shows them too.

This photo showing the gars full of them makes me want to get some more. My collection was never this large. It would be fun to find a large jar or can of these in some abandoned place.

The oldest marbles that were ever found were made from stone in Pakistan. Probably the traditional game was invented there too. In the United States the oldest found were made from clay. These are worth a lot today.

The best way to find the value of old ones is to check ebay and to get a book on them. This way you will know what they are worth and how much to sell them for. The more knowledge you have about them the better the outcome.

On this page you will be able to find more Marbles for your collection and also to sell.

This photo shows a nice collection. These big ones would be worth a lot if you were to sell them individually. Selling them one at a time is the best way even though it will take longer to make a profit. So whether you are a collector or seller you should find something interesting on this page.

Some of the most valuable ones are the art marbles. These have pretty pictures or some special design inside and sell really well. To do well it is good to know what type of marble you have. There are many types ranging from the Aggie, which is made from agate and have a nice design to the Tiger. The Tiger is clear with orange and or yellow stripes.

Now days most are made from glass. The deigns you see inside is colored glass placed inside as it is made. Handmade are, of course, more valuable them machine made but all are beautiful If one is chipped or dented the value is greatly reduced so take really good care of your collectible treasure.

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