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When Will the World End Free Natural Cures for Disease apron Kitchen Aprons

Apron Patterns Free Plastic Aprons pattern How to Beat Depression

Free Apron Patterns

Free Apron Patterns Free Vintage Apron Bonnet Pattern

All kinds of free apron patterns, vintage, retro, kids, children, kitchen, and chef's apron sewing patterns.

In the past aprons were considered a necessary part of doing home chores. But with cheaper clothes and washing machines the need for them became less urgent. However they are coming back and many, both men and women, want to wear them again.

This pattern (brown pattern below) is from the July 1968 Women's Household Magazine. It is an apron that can be folded into a bonnet. It also has two pockets to carry your stuff.

It used to be only women who wore aprons around the home but with more men doing chores around the house especially when the women works, these aprons have become appropriate for men too. Aprons are also needed on the job too for machine shops, waitresses, nurses, blacksmith and more.

Free Apron Patterns A Lot More Free Apron Patterns Here

On this page you will find links to free apron patterns and ones you can buy too. Enjoy your stay.

The one shown below is a vintage sewing apron pattern for a Polka Dot Utility Apron. It also has a potholder to match.

Going to this link will bring you to 44 free apron sewing patterns you can make. They include 3 crochet apron patterns, patterns for men, mother and daughter pinafore apron patterns, peasant, smock and skirt style of apron patterns and much more.

Apron come in many styles to fit the different needs. You may only need something that covers you from the waist down or for really messy jobs a bib apron that covers you all the way up and down. No matter what you are looking for you should be able to find it here.

Most aprons tie in the back while the Cobbler type ties at the sides and usually covers your sleeves. In the past aprons were considered a necessary part of doing home chores. But with cheaper clothes and washing machines the need for them became less urgent. However they are coming back and many, both men and women, want to wear them again.

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Apron and Oven Mitts Patterns

Funny Apron Patterns

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Kids and Children Apron Patterns

Kitchen Apron Patterns

Maternity Apron Patterns

Retro Apron Patterns

Vintage Apron Patterns

Mens Apron Patterns

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Check out these Apron Patterns (Not Free) (Just move mouse over or click to see information)

On a side note. Most of the time in sewing class your first project is an easy task like the theme of this page. However I can't remember doing that. However I do remember sewing a dress. It was long almost to the floor and made from pretty blue material with tiny flowers.

My stitch lines were not to straight but it was good enough to wear to church and no one noticed that the seems were crooked. Finally I gave it away to a friend who really liked it. It would be interesting to find out if the dress is still around somewhere.

Kitchen duties never look as good until you are wearing a nice apron. This will set the stage for cooking with style. As you can see from this photo the work as just began. The bowl is empty right now but soon will be filled with something that will be yummy for the whole family.

Sandy, the woman in this photo is wearing a Christmas design apron so it must be that time of year. That means the bowl might be used to make cookies or candy. The design is from the 1950ís and looks really nice on her.

It used to be that only woman liked to wear aprons but now it has become quite popular with men. So guys get out your sewing gear and get to work. Sewing is another hobby that men get into now. Combine the two and you have a great combination.

This link under this photo (Tipnut) will take you to over 40 patterns for you to sew. Some cover all the way up and others from the waist down. Others have big pockets to enable you to carry needed tools and supplies. Maybe your cell phone too but watch out for flour and more spilling on to it.

There are chef styles and easy ones. Ruffled and more plain, fancy and simple. The varieties are great and should keep everyone happy. There may even be some 1940ís designs that would really look cool in any kitchen.

The photo above shows a patchwork quilt design. This is very pretty and one that would look great in most kitchens. Jenn went outside to model this design and you would have to follow the link to learn more about it. Jenn started her own shop and you could too and get into the sewing business. Do your research and learn what sells online and became self employed. This is a dream that many have.

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