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Ship Wheel Table

Ship Wheel Table Ship Wheel Table w/ Rope Base

Ship wheel tables for sale.

Beautiful ship wheels make great tables. The table usually is covered with a clear top to allow you and your guests to see the old decorative ship wheel below. Most of the time the wheel is a vintage wooden boat wheel that is made into a coffee table so those who sit in your living or day room can see it.

There are many types to choose from that will enhance anyone's home.

The ship wheel is used to change course on a boat or ship. It is connected to the mechanism that controls the rudder that in turn turns the ship in the direction that you want to go.

A toggle has replaced some of the ship steering wheels. These may work better but don't have the appeal of the vintage ship wheel. The wheel give a better feel then the toggle but the toggle may have a faster response to sudden danger when the ship has to be turned quickly to avoid some obstacle.

The ship wheel table features at the top of this page has a glass top and the base is covered with rope. It will give any room a nautical feel. Makes a great gift to all those who love the sea. Also other nautical furniture like table tamps is featured here.

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Ship Wheel Tables

Ship Wheel Lamps

Wooden Ship Wheels


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Ship wheels make nice tables. The table is usually see-through so that you can view the beautiful wheel below. Your guests will enjoy the decorative furniture and it will be a talking point. The photo shown here is a ship wheel that has not been made into a table yet. It is made from wood with a brass center.

Most remember the show Gilligan's Island. This show increased the popularity of anything boat related and can be attributed for some of this nice furniture you will find on this page.

The photo above shows the boardroom table at the Britannia Yacht Club. This does give it a nice touch. There are other nautical furniture featured here like lamps, and headboards and these are attractive too. The coffee table is the center of your living room and it is important to leave a good impression. This will give a way to show off your interest without having to bring the guests attention to it. They canít but help see the lovely furniture and admire the craftsmanship that was used to make it.

The show Gilligan's Island not only increased people's love for all things nautical but it fed into the desire of being on a deserted island with all the time in the world and plenty of food. I think this is why this show was so popular.

You would love to live as they did and I wonder if they would really be happy escaping from that tropical place. They had everything they needed with plenty of food, good companionship and the time to relax. But anytime you are trapped somewhere, even if it is beautiful you will want to leave.

However it could be fun to get shipwrecked on an island of our own with the people we love. Of course you need a brainy professor along that would solve any problems that may arise.

I always wondered where they got the ingredients for all the pies that they made. They didn't grow wheat for flour and other ingredients that was used to make all those tasty meals.

Shipwheels make great furniture and bring the nautical theme into your home. If you can't find the one you are looking for there is a link close to the top of this page that will take you to a bigger selection.

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