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Free Apron Patterns apron How to Beat Depression

Cobbler Aprons

Cobbler Aprons

Cobbler Aprons for Sale and Sewing Patterns. Most of these Aprons are made with pockets and fasten on the side to give you room to work. Cobbler Aprons are usually worn by vocational workers in restaurants, dental offices and shops. This type of apron cover both the front and back of your body for complete protection. It usually fastens at the side by ties or snaps.

The cobbler used to be the local shoemaker. He had this type of apron with deep pockets to hold his tools and the apron protected him while on the job. Now you don't see a shoe repairer like you would have in the past so the reason for the name can easily get lost.

Cobbler Aprons were really popular in the early 1900's and are regaining popularity today for the worker who wants a apron that will protect him and provide pockets for his equipment and tools.

Most aprons cover just the front but the Cobbler Apron give more protection from work related hazards. It ties or snaps at the side and most are sleeveless. This length of this apron goes down to the mid thigh or the knee. The apron can have one or several pockets on the front.

I would love using this type of apron for jobs like in a shop where it would be great to have your tools handy. My husband is a piano turner and needs tools on the job. He has to go back and forth to get each tool but when wearing this he would have the tools at his fingertips. No more leaving the job to find the next tool. Instead just concentrate on the job and get it done without losing your momentum.

On this page you will find Cobbler Aprons and patterns for Sale for men, women and children, for the shop, clerk, dentist, chef or what ever industry you might be in.

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Cobbler Aprons

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